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FAQs for India Design Pavillion at Designersblock, Milan Design Week 2016

1.       What exactly is the Milan Design week all about?
The original and still the most important design festival in the world with over 2000 exhibitions and events in the city attracting over 350,000+ visitors from 160 countries. It is a platform where the most innovative ideas are brought forth to a wide international audience.

2.      How do I apply for participation?
Please send a representation of the work that you plan to showcase at the India Design Pavillion 2016 either through images or a web link to 
iandmdw16(at)indiaartndesign(dot)com along with 15% initial deposit.
Please mention the following:
Area that you would like to book
How do you plan to display your products?
Do you have any specific requirements like wall space; suspensions from ceiling etc?

Please note: your application is subject to selection by Designersblock.

Please indicate clearly whether you would like help with logistics and travel or you would rather organize these for yourself.

3.      What can I expect from this participation?
It is ideally an opportunity to contract/collaborate with potential partners for a long term business relationship.

4.      Am I permitted to sell my products at the show?
 Yes, retailing is permitted at the exhibition.

5.      What does the participation cost include?
The cost is for space only. Price includes electricity, lighting and promotion by Designersblock. Any additional infrastructure like walls, counters, tables etc. will be charged as applicable.

6.      Do I have to pay the full participation cost in advance?
Yes, you have to pay 100% prior to issue of the invitation letter by Designersblock.

7.      What are the additional expenses involved?
The costs for logistics, travel, food, accommodation will be additional and will have to be borne by the participants.

Regarding accommodation, we recommend that you book at the earliest. Follow up on personal contacts, if any; else, Air BnB and Trip Advisor have good offers. Ideal locality to stay is around Navigli as it is pleasant and close to the venue, but anywhere reasonably central is good in Milan as the transport is good.

Optionally, The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IICCI) provides its members with assistance in this regard. 

8.      Is there any support for logistics?
IICCI provides its members with assistance in this regard. 

9.      Do you offer any support with travel arrangements?  
We are in talks with airline partners for competitive pricing for group package. Subject to the group size, all travel bookings to Milan will be made ex-Mumbai.

Tentative schedule:
Mumbai-Milan: 9th April.’16
Milan -Mumbai:  19th /20th April.’16

10.   What about the visa?
Regarding the visa, you will have to apply for your visa at your own cost

IICCI assists its members in process of Business Visa Application. Bio-metric punching at VFS is mandatory for all the applicants. 

Designersblock will issue a letter of invitation to all the participants.  

11.    What type of visa do I need to apply for?
Schengen Business Visa. Ideally, visas should be applied for well in advance of your intended departure date.

12.   What happens if my portfolio is not selected by Designersblock?
Your initial deposit will be refunded.

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