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Monday, January 14, 2013

Of the Terrain

By Teresa Simon
Photography: Ajax Law Ling Kit, Virginia Lung

As if the name of the firm is inspired by its scenic locale, Mountain & City Sales Office takes this coincidence a step further by integrating its interiors along a simulant path…

Urban Chongqing in the celebrated scenic Nanshan district in Shenzhen, China has the greenery weaving into the hilly terrain, complete with the meandering Chang Jiang River below. In the lap of lush nature, seamlessly integrated into the landscape is the Mountain & City real estate office, designed by Hong Kong-based architect firm, One Plus Partnership Limited  to topographically and robustly recreate the exterior landscape inside via a pseudo geographic character, meant to scintillate and intrigue the visitor.


Applying triangular and oblique line sets, creating mock crystalline forms using fabric, mirror, glass, marble, Corian stone, paint, plastic laminate, outdoor timber decking, and stainless steel, the interior appears like a dynamic topographic chart. Working steadily with fine lines, horizontal, vertical, oblique, thick, thin, overlapping, crisscrossing patterns lend an energetic feel of the rocky mountains enveloped as they are in grey surroundings.



The colour palette is diligently selected with cutting edge brown stainless steel counters abutting the backdrop grey, lending a menacing yet secure feel, beneath one’s feet and around. A cavernous pathway leading to another floor level with a continuous recessed light guiding the way, adds to the drama.  Skewed surfaces envelop regular everyday functionality whilst recessed lighting throughout creates mood pockets in the ambience.



Juxtaposing the right amount of balance is the ceiling, which is high and sets off the interior with its numerous strings of LED chandeliers offering the dreamy mood of rainy Great Southeast. This rain shower simulation with its handsome floor reflection provides the ultimate recreated scenario; perhaps conveying to the visitors what the real estate office could do for them, when it could do such wonderful things for itself. 

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