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Monday, March 18, 2013

Tivoli Park Story

By Marina Correa
Photography: courtesy the architect

overview of project-model

What Oscar Niemeyer did for Brazilian architecture, a proposed sports complex by PLA, which has won the first prize at an international competition, will do for Tivoli Park in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Only hitch: It is mired in governmental regulations. Will it see the light of the day? Read on…

Ljubljana is considered to be one of the few cities in Slovenia, where lush greenery from the hinterland extends uninterruptedly into the city centre, culminating at Tivoli Park.

green wrap above beneath which are housed all sports facilities

Tivoli Park was host to various multi-purpose activities like the European table tennis and basketball championships. It also had a swimming pool that was scrapped due to its non-standard size and a car park that was shut down as it occupied too much space and, underground parking has been instituted instead.

swimming pool and other facilities

Ironically, an intruding railway line is a constant threat to the park’s natural ecosystem. Under these trying conditions, Peter Lorenz Ateliers’ proposal for revamping the park into a gigantic sports complex has won the first prize at an international competition.

sun roof - sustainability

The firm is no stranger when it comes to awards, and has a wide oeuvre of projects spanning hotels, shopping centres, official buildings and urban planning.  They have envisaged revamping the area by building a green canopy and lawns across Tivoli Park underneath which will reside a swimming pool, sports facility, health and fitness centre; and demarcated areas for boutiques, restaurants, parking facilities, etc. With an opening towards the street and glass-fronted panelling, a natural synergy between the town’s business district and the park is envisioned.

aerial view of Tivoli Park

The concept of overlapping functional areas, extension of the roof, seamless nature connect, focussed entrance that promises a flood of natural light sets the tone for a fresh vocabulary. Hopefully, the government will favour this new language, soon. 

sectional view of Tivoli Park

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  1. We did visit Ljubljana but we never visited this place! May be next time


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