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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DNA mapped Furniture

By Teresa Simon
Photography: Courtesy Tjep
DNA -mapped Furniture - Darwin Table at Milan Furniture Fair 2013

Notwithstanding the already burgeoning plethora of options on the product design scenario world over, here is a new entrant – DNA mapped furniture.

Tjep - an acclaimed Dutch design house partners with Eric Wolthuis of DutchDNA to introduce the world’s first DNA driven furniture designs at the Milan Furniture Fair opening today.

Attempting to transfer genetic traits into peerless design with accomplished expertise in the latest production techniques, internationally recognized Tjep, is known for its iconoclastic work, and defined by strong design concepts, beautiful aesthetics and great functionality.

DNA -mapped Furniture - Darwin Table at Milan Furniture Fair 2013
Darwin Table

Assigning no limits to personal expression, Tjep founder and lead designer Frank Tjepkema feels that this unique transference of one’s DNA into 2D and 3D renderings that can then delineate one’s furniture and even jewellery design preferences can be the most intimate reflection of our innate identity with which to embellish and decorate our environment. “I see two lovers creating unique artefacts for their shared home that is truly a conjoint reflection of both individuals,” notes Frank.

DNA -mapped Furniture - Darwin Table at Milan Furniture Fair 2013
Detail of Darwin Table

The signature piece of the first collection of DNA furniture is the Darwin Table, made from Giulia Wolthuis, contemporary dancer and daughter of Eric Wolthuis’ DNA. The abstract, almost fluid form of the table mimics the dancer’s distinguishing genetic characteristics into visual forms. In fact, anyone’s DNA can be expressed through jewellery, home accessories, sculptures and furniture.

Incidentally, Eric initiated the investigation in how genetic patterns could augment design by first exploring DNA mapped jewellery pieces before translating them into furniture. The Darwin table is crafted through precision 3D milling and hand-finished in the Netherlands by the same artisans that create Joris Laarman’s furniture.

DNA -mapped Furniture - Darwin Table at Milan Furniture Fair 2013
Giulia Wolthuis's DNA mapping

So will the new DNA-mapped product range be the ultimate expression of design individualism or merely another feather in the strong portfolio of global aesthetic highs? Only time will tell.

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