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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Red Dot Trophy Redesigned

By Team IAnD
Photography: Courtesy Red Dot

Red Dot Trophy redesigned
2013 Red Dot Trophy Black

The highly coveted Red Dot Trophy, symbol of the highest honour for the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners of Product Design, one of the world’s most renowned design awards, shines in new shape and colour…

The symbol of success for the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners comes in a totally fresh look. Responsible for the reshaping of the trophy is jewellery designer, Günter Wermekes, who “Has been regarded a master on jewellery design for ages due to his innovative spirit” in the words of Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the Red Dot Design Award.

Red Dot Trophy redesigned
Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Initiator & CEO of Red Dot with Günter Wermekes (Photo credit: Stefanie Siegel)

As the first one ever the designer from Kierspe/Germany has united premium steel with brilliants in an entire collection. “The task to visualise the Red Dot Award was a big challenge to me. This is not ‘a prize of some sort’. This is one of the world’s most renowned design awards”, Günter Wermekes describes the production process of the new Red Dot Trophy and the importance of the job for himself as an artist.

A sculpture with symbolic character, the trophy features a basic structure of eleven, 35 centimetre high stainless steel rods fixed on a black base, building a semi-circle opened to the front. An artistically standing outstanding feature of the cylindrically designed trophy is the so called “moiré” effect, which arises out of motion and suggests dynamic in the simplest manner – premise andbasis for every design innovation, says Wermekes. The Red Dot logo and information regarding the respective awardee are inscribed on front of a plexiglass board in the opening of the sculpture.

Even the material of the Red Dot Trophy was deliberately chosen by Günter Wermekes and adapted to the shape of the artwork: The element premium steel is a referance to the colliery and world heritage “Zeche Zollverein”, location of the Red Dot Design Museum and the Design ZentrumNordrheinWestfalen. The selection of the black colouring for the trophy of the Red Dot Award: Product Design strengthens this allusion and further visualises the former importance of coal for the Ruhr area.

Product Highlights: Just a few glimpses
lay:art - System of Mixing Trays and Brushes for dentistry
Jury Statement: “With its ergonomic details, lay:art provides strong support while working. The high-quality craftsmanship and materials ensure a long service life.”

Red Dot Product Design 2013 Winners

WiTouch Pro - Wireless TENS Unit - Red Dot: Best of the Best - Mobile relief from chronic back pain.
Jury Statement: “Design focusing directly on the patient and a perfect integration of new technologies define the WiTouch Pro wireless TENS unit. This device features a new, elegant design language; it is compact and can be used anytime and anywhere. The possibility of simple, safe and cost-effective pain relief therapy administered by patients themselves creates a new self-definition for this kind of product.”

Red Dot Product Design 2013 Winners
WiTouch Pro

Wärtsilä Propulsion Control System - Red Dot: Best of the Best – Innovative User-interface for ships
Jury Statement: “The design of this propulsion control system achieves the reduction of complexity in an impressive manner. Levers and touch-screen interfaces are ergonomically well thought out and all information is clearly arranged. The clear design vocabulary as well as the quality of the user interface of this propulsion control system creates a comfortable environment.”

Red Dot Product Design 2013 Winners
Wärtsilä Propulsion Control System

Spijkenisse Book Mountain - The new public library in the Dutch city of Spijkenisse.
Jury Statement: “The library’s unusual concept turns it into a symbol of the past and future. This veritable “mountain of books” invites the visitor to read and interact with other people.”

Red Dot Product Design 2013 Winners
Spijkenisse Book Mountain

GO-IN Guide Lighting Fixture

Jury Statement: “Go-In is a sophisticated guide system which, with its light circles integrated almost invisibly in the wall, is an efficient orientation aide.”

Red Dot Product Design 2013 Winners

GO-IN Guide Lighting Fixture

Yamaha WR450F

Jury Statement: “The enduro convincingly shows how strength and dynamics can also be housed in a slim chassis. In this way, safe handling of the motorcycle is considerably facilitated.”

Red Dot Product Design 2013 Winners

Yamaha WR450F

Wine Classics – 13 different goblet-shaped glasses and three decanters from hand-made crystal
Jury Statement: “Wine Classics combines lightness and charm of lines with artistic craftsmanship to a mature functionality: the special, pleasurable experience.”

Red Dot Product Design 2013 Winners
Wine Classics

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