Sunday, November 22, 2015

Inspiring industrial retrofit

Compiled by Team IAnD
Photography: Courtesy v2com
Clarks Originals design space

In tune with its operating philosophy, the Clarks Originals design space is conceived as a bridge between creation, focus, meeting, presentation and inspirational moments – all key features of their creative process!

Spearheading the project, the designers, ARRO studio have amalgamated diverse zones in the 300 sq. m. warehouse integrated through the use of custom-designed furniture such as desks, meeting table, trolleys, shelves, shoe wall, closets...
shoe rack - Clarks Originals design space
meeting room - Clarks Originals design space

With the main idea for this workplace aimed at encouraging creativity and optimizing exchanges between designers, developers and product managers of the Clarks Originals’ team, the design addresses the challenges and respects the flow of the footwear design process; and is centred around a floating 8-meter long table as the focal loci of the workplace.
Director's room - Clarks Originals design space

Part of the historical industrial C&J Clarks site built in 1825, this space used to be the tools plant for the shoe manufacture. ARRO has split the space into 5 different zones, each defining a specific function, yet blending one into the other: The Modern factory embodies ARRO's reinterpretation of the historical Clarks surrounding building’s striking features (triangular roof tops of the old shoe factory, central brick chimney). Enclosing 3 rooms, the Modern factory encompasses the director’s office, a storage room and a large meeting room.

lounge spaces - Clarks Originals design space

The open workspace benefits from an exceptional natural luminosity thanks to the large, original windows of this industrial site. Large cork panels that rotate and slide on the existing INP ceiling beams, using travel trolleys, create a versatile pulsating environment  that enables the employees to close their own space or choose to leave it open, depending on their needs.

zoning - Clarks Originals design space

At one end of the workspace, a functional shoe wall on which each shelf displays footwear designs and double up as handles that open and turn the wall into a giant closet - hence allowing a maximum capacity of shoe storage as well as keeping the organization of the various samples and tests as simple and logical as possible. 

natural light through windows

Finally, the leather storage, created as a closed facility, is surrounded by a library inducing continuity into the workspace and facing the floating centre table. Part of this storage wall is made out of translucent glass panels.  
specially crafted leather chandelier

On the opposite side of this leather storage, is an inspirational and relaxing lounge area, surrounded by windows, with a small kitchen, a bar, and a large storage bench in the corner, the scenario highlighted by an oversized suspended light specifically designed by ARRO for this project, made out of metal welded tubes from which hang various leather hides.

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