Thursday, March 10, 2016

Do you really want Red?!

By Leah Linhares
Photography: Saranin Artemy; courtesy ALLARTSDESIGN

bio fireplace

What happens when your client’s design brief is as simple and as complicated as wanting their residential interior in nothing but the colour red?

Interior designer Saranin Artemy of ALLARTSDESIGN was challenged with such a brief, when assigned the design and styling of the 1200 sq. ft., small-town Perm (Russia) apartment owned by a mother-daughter duo.
acrylic chairs and bio fireplace

Unable to fathom an all-red interior, yet wont to satisfy his client, Saranin began by toying with three basic design diktats - a central happening space; open plan and a subtractive approach strategy.
open plan living room with red sofa

He proposed an open-plan apartment without any visual demarcations, where all functions related to public domain were centralized around a bio-fireplace, and along with a large kitchen created the ideal ambience to entertain – a regular activity on the client’s lifestyle list!
living room with red sofa

Next, from everything red as the client had envisaged, began the exercise of subtraction and substitution of the colour red with the introduction of metal and texture.  
graphic design decor elements in the entrance passageway

The result: Each area is noticeable and yet merges with the other with the colour popping up strategically as a finish here and an accent there; besides its full-bodied presence in the deep-seated sofas.   Largely offset by white, the ambience takes on touches of black as a tried and tested highlighter accompanied by customized graphic design elements in a monochrome palette.  

The cantilevered fireplace as the piece de resistance is cleverly camouflaged within a larger metal structure, with its foot firmly ‘grounded’ – the flooring literally opened to accommodate it; thus lending the 150 kg heavy-duty bio-fireplace a floating aura!

kitchen and bathroom with red accents

The bedrooms and bathroom are both treated differently. While the bedrooms are adorned in bright and contrasting colours, the bathroom is covered in Carrara tiles, flaunting a streak of scarlet and equipped with white bath furnishings.
bedroom suite
specially developed textured wall paper
colourful upholstery on chair

The youngster’s bedroom - incidentally flaunting the only blue wall in the apartment - is divided into three areas - a sitting area, sleeping area and walk-in closet and highlighted by custom-designed three-dimensional textured wallpaper and built-in lighting controls. 

Which interior is complete without mood lighting? Adding another twist to the apartment are the LEDs in self-developed wall mounted acrylic light fittings, controlled as per one’s choice.

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