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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The bright and the bold of colour!

Colour Special

By Leah Linhares
Photography: courtesy
Read Time: 2 mins


The thought of modernizing our spaces is always exciting and choosing the colour adds a different thrill to this experience; so why is it that we always choose the usual palette…?

This summer, let’s take a dive into the world of bright and bold interiors!

A clear sky and lots of sunshine is no fun without nature’s shades and a hint of the rainbow! The same can be applied to our homes. Our home is like a canvas and painting this canvas is often challenging.

Géraldine Prieur, founder of Rouge Absolu is known for her style of “unconventional full colours”. With a flair for vivid colours, we take you into the mind of this bright personality through her latest décor collections.


Her new collections- Exuberance and Extravagance is a group of brilliant combinations of intense hues. The furniture (designed by Henryot & Cie), fabrics and wallpaper are designed in shades of bespoke glamour and vibrancy, adding a rich element to the décor.

Géraldine’s taste for the unconventional is depicted through her belief that colour has a positive and cheerful impact on everyday life; wadding the soul with optimism and serenity, every colour employed in her projects is handled with great delicacy, making it sharp in both, application and function. Utmost care is taken to make sure that no colour is there by chance - an essential role, which helps create the desired ambience.


But Rouge Absolu does not end at interiors, Geraldine’s collection of exotic and luxuriant accessories allows her to go beyond her boundaries; a series of geometric motifs, floral and plant details on backdrops of vivid colours or tawny prints.

So this brings to our minds the most basic question – what inspires Géraldine?
“This world interests me,” she says. An avid follower of fashion shows and haute couture, Géraldine’s Rouge Absolu is a perfect marriage between art and fashion. Strolling through the neighbourhood of Paris, Géraldine finds her inspiration on the window displays of brands and sometimes in the quiet countryside, while flipping through books on twentieth century furniture; favouring red, although her love extends to every colour.

Working with bright colours on every project, Géraldine’s most bizarre combination lies in her dining room; a fusion of pink walls, pink and yellow chairs and green furniture creates a fantastic space that is fun and welcoming. 

Generous in creativity, form, colour and eccentric in design, Rouge Absolu’s creations adorn the interiors with richness of hues and material. The studio reinvents, develops and innovates constantly a style of artistic audacity by bold combination resulting in a carnival of multi colours, graphic and print!

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