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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bus Rapid Transit System to change the face of commute in Philippines

Compiled by Team IAnD
Photography: Frank Callaghan; courtesy CAZA
Read Time: 2 Mins

BRT station Cebu City

Despite having grown exponentially in the last decade, Cebu City, Philippines now gets its first five Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Stations – a mass transit system, facilitating commute…

Designed by Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects), who are all set to deploy 19 bus stations by March 2017, serving a population of over one million, this public works project uses local inspiration for its basic design pattern. 

BRT station Cebu City
BRT station Cebu

Based on a modular system, with its design from ancient basket-weaving traditions of Cebu, the system as a whole proposes to significantly improve sidewalks, crosswalks, and public lighting throughout the streets of Cebu, while also addressing serious problems such as street flooding. 

roof inspired by basket-weaving tradition of Cebu City

Each roof acts as a water-catcher, and is able to direct the rainfall from intense rainstorms away from the street, alleviating the stress of rain on the streets and sidewalks. At the same time, the roof acts as a source of shade, shielding civilians from the intense heat and extreme weather that are characteristic of certain times of year in the Philippines. 

pattern inspired from the Cebu City weave

In addition to building this interconnected system of bus stations, the architects will also be designing the landscaping and furniture around each station. While stations vary in size and scale, they share a standardized system of furniture, such as planters and benches. This seamless and consistent design decision has been integral to the overall goal of the project: to connect four unique cities through one revolutionary transit system.

bus station

The project is said to be a landmark for a country struggling to figure out how to improve the lives of its citizens and resolve transportation challenges with limited resources. 

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