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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Unique homes with a view!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Peter Cuypers; courtesy Studioninedots
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loft apartments with a waterfront view in Amsterdam

A modern pre-fab concrete structure that maintains a uniform architectural skin but individualistic interiors highlights Studioninedots’ latest apartment building on the waterfront in Amstelkwartier, Amsterdam.

Six individual homes stacked one on top of the other with undulating balconies make for a striking six-storey design on the waterfront in Amstelkwartier, Amsterdam. An exemplary facade design by Studioninedots plays to the strengths of concrete and beautifully places a pure white structure amidst brownstones.

facade made of pre-fab concrete

Allowing every client to design his own space within the constraints laid by the design team facilitates uniformity in terms of the overall look and exterior environment, while the interiors are privately designed. ‘Lofts by the Amstel’ is just one of the projects in this locality, where the owners work in conjunction with the designer to develop their ideal home. The concept is being adopted widely allowing for consumer-architect satisfaction.

wide undulating balconies
wide undulating balconies

The remarkable 12.5 m building width flows into the dynamic balcony offsets that frame the spectacular outdoor view. After dark, the same space is lit by LEDs allowing for a two-way view appreciation: one of the water and second of this smooth façade. The resemblance of this white volume on its grey basalt plinth to the dyke and canal walls in Amsterdam is uncanny and quite a modern adaptation by the studio.

interiors of waterfront apartments
spacious living room

The 160 sq. m. loft-like design on each floor satisfies the homely needs of its owners through openness in planning and an unconventional floor plate. The meandering balconies allow for double heights and the mezzanine levels within the home invite in maximum natural light and take advantage of the stunning surroundings.

Integrating concrete planter beds on the almost perfect façade only acts as the icing on the cake. A sustainable approach, vernacular techniques combined with a contemporary design vocabulary are sure to make this project an exclusive and sought after address!

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