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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Building communication at the workplace!

By Marina Correa
Photography: Kenij Masunaga
Read Time: 2 mins
nentrys office

The unconventional design for a Japanese automotive sales office, Nentrys, fosters a strong communal relationship amongst its employees, whilst allowing its customers to partake in this experience…

Being host to several in-house events, seminars and customer-building activities, there was a profound need for an informal networking space. Designed by Japanese design studio Canuch, a round community centre is culled out from a large rectangular floor plate, where different areas such as meeting rooms, conference room, workstation area etc. are arranged around a central orb.
office cafeteria
amphitheatre seating

Located in a residential area, the office space merges two of its Tokyo branches into a spacious four-level office that clubs all functions along with the predominance of a chill-out zone under one roof.  

Fitted with private relaxation pods, oxygen cubicles that allow for a spark of rejuvenation, a bar counter for schmoozing over drinks, amphitheatre seating and the like, added to the fact that people tend to naturally congregate towards the central interaction zone alludes to an atmosphere of camaraderie.
bar stools

Taking the philosophy of a transparent corporate culture literally, designers Yosuke Kinoshita and Yusuke Noguchi have personified visual transparency throughout the office and used it as a tool for providing an uninterrupted inside-outside continuum.
conference room
office conference room

However, the value of privacy is acknowledged and made available in areas like conference room, meeting rooms etc. via gradation of films on glass partitions, roller blinds etc.
work space

With a white shell for the office, a splattering of colour comes through elements like burnt orange and lime green chairs, with a speck here and a flourish there. High-gloss copper kettle hanging lamps and funky-looking chairs add a dash of quirk; making an overall strong statement about the company’s commitment to fostering and enhancing the bonds among its employees and customers alike. 


  1. Very creative use of materials.Love the way of design.

  2. It is an incredible office! You made the right choice of the designer and builders team. Where was you looked for them? I had some project, where I have needed to construct something similar to yours project.


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