Monday, August 29, 2016

Simplifying the high of design!

Info & Images: Courtesy NRJA
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NRJA designs office building in Riga

Design firm NRJA’s newest design for a multifunctional office building in Riga is the epitome of simplification in design…

A competition proposal for a multifunctional office building on Miera Street in Riga, the largest city of Latvia, positions it on a strategic intersection of four streets – a significant landmark!

prominent location in Riga
Street mapping

The beauty of the architecture lies in the fact that it has a minimalistic form that acknowledges the importance of the street as a focal point of the urban fabric. It achieves this via its wedge-shaped form, where the corner accent connects with the roof, ensuring the finality and unity of the form and respects the roof-lines of the surrounding streets.

floor plans of office building in Riga

Construction is proposed by deploying after-tension concrete floors supported by strips of reinforced concrete walls that ensure large column-free spans and a clear flexible layout. Intended for a modern multifunctional office and retail complex of a high quality with a green courtyard, the edifice has a flexible layout – each floor can be divided in 1 - 5 offices and the upper floor can accommodate apartments.

section showing column-free spans
Section A-A
section showing vertical communication core
Section B-B

Stability is ensured by a clear and definite vertical communications core; whilst the façade employs a module system ensures an economic industrial production of a high quality. 

model of office building in Riga

The proposed edifice is in harmony with the planned project on the opposite corner, not competing with it, but rather enriching the urban composition of the site. The distinct form also completes the perspective views to Brīvības and Miera Streets.

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