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Through the eyes of a photographer!

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Photography: Courtesy Thijs Wolzak
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Eye Love You -photography exhibition at Parade Museum

Eye Love You is a photography exhibition that immerses the viewer in a compelling show of emotions – through the lens of its creator...

The Parade Museum on view at the Parade, a travelling Dutch theatre festival elicits a brand new experience based on Eye Love You - a book by renowned Dutch photographer, Ed van der Elsken.

Designed as an immersive experience by design firm, Kossmann.dejong, the exhibition that has opened on June 24, 2016 touches a deep emotional chord with the viewer in a show of images that convey happiness, sadness, courage, battle and vitality.

Eye Love You -photography exhibition at Parade Museum

As one of the most influential photographers in the Netherlands known worldwide for his black and white pictures, Ed van der Elsken, in the last three decades of his life had moved away from his signature monochrome palette to include vivid colour in his work, showing a preference for people and life.

Eye Love You -photography exhibition at Parade Museum

A noteworthy high point of the exhibition is an interactive facet that has been introduced via a nostalgic multimedia slide show made by Tungsten Studio, where visitors travel along with the photographer looking through his eyes to see how love, life and death are experienced all over the world.

Eye Love You -photography exhibition at Parade Museum

With the book showcasing a compilation of images from 1977, commendable work has gone into an extensive restoration project (around 45000 slides were affected by mould) that has revived Ed van der Elsken’s colour slides; and this too is highlighted in the Parade Museum.

This travelling exhibition is scheduled to stop at various locations, culturally enriching the masses through the eyes of a sensitive photographer, whose work was centred around pulsating human emotions like love, sex, art, music (particularly jazz), and alternative culture.

Exhibition Schedule:
23rd June - 3rd July 2016: Rotterdam
8th - 17th July 2016: The Hague, Utrecht
22nd July - 7th August 2016: Moreelsepark
12th - 28th August 2016: Amsterdam

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