Thursday, February 9, 2017

Art Alternatives!

Compiled by TeamIAnD
Photography: Yousuke Harigane; courtesy the architect
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"fukuoka condo Yusaku Matsuoka architects indiaartndesign"

Yusaku Matsuoka architects and associates propose an unusual solution for “bespoke art”, giving you new ways of re-imagining your home...

When the architects were involved in renovating previously occupied condominiums in Fukuoka city, readying them for occupation, they decided to design the interiors with a twist.
"all white condo Yusaku Matsuoka architects indiaartndesign"
"gleaming ceiling Yusaku Matsuoka architects indiaartndesign"

Making optimal use of the approx. 500 sq. m. space, they first worked on the improving the thermal performance by spraying insulation onto the interior side of all outer walls and installing double-pane windows. Adding tiling underneath the windows, they turned part of the floor into a reservoir for storing heat and cold, creating a “margin” for plants and other items that add colour to daily life. At night, the plants are reflected in the double-pane glass, which is covered with sheets of delicately glittering material, creating an attractive atmosphere distinct from that which suffuses the rooms during daytime.
"magnetic wall art condo Yusaku Matsuoka architects indiaartndesign"

Next, in an attempt to augment the small condo, they used high-gloss sheets in the ceiling of the living-dining area, and metallic square panels of varying sizes and types in the walls.
"magnetic wall art detail condo Yusaku Matsuoka architects indiaartndesign"

These varied reflective surfaces bring a sense of expansiveness and broaden line of site in the interior space. Photographs and other decorative items can be attached to the metallic panels with magnets, turning each one into a unique “rectangular flower” on the wall.

This rather unusual idea creates an interest in the walls that goes beyond just a look; where the intriguing and varying displays can become engaging conversation starters.  Unlike conventional art display, and appropriately “doing” up a show flat, the design intends to diversely reflect the original touches that residents can bring to their homes. For the same reason, Yusaku Matsuoka architects leave the condo painted all-white – a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with the personal touches of the new owners.  
"kitchen condo Yusaku Matsuoka architects indiaartndesign"

The flip side – the condo anyway offers very little wall space for art; with this innovative idea, the architects cleverly draw the prospective owners’ attention away from this fact, giving them food for new thought!! 

"condo Yusaku Matsuoka architects indiaartndesign"

Fact File:
Architecture: Yusaku Matsuoka / Yusaku Matsuoka architects and associates
Location: Fukuoka-city, Japan
Principal Use: Residence
Floor: Solid-wood, tile
Wall: stainless, galvanized-steal, vinyl Cross
Ceiling: Rigid PVC sheet, Vinyl Cross
Total Floor Area: 49.57m2 

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