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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Photovoltaic Ice Skating Rink

Compiled by TeamIAnD
Photography: Margot Krasojević  
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"ice hockey rink margot krasojevic indiaartndesign"

With the intention to have an eco-friendly ice skating rink, Margot Krasojević Architects design a contextual solution inherent with solar technology.

Located high in the mountains surrounded by volcanic terrain, nature reserves, hot springs and scenic routes, is this ice skating rink on a natural lake in the Kamchatka peninsula, Russia.
"reflection ice skating rink margot krasojevic indiaartndesign"

Popular with tourists and locals alike, the lake is exposed to bright daylight with winter temperatures averaging 200F, ensuring the lake stays frozen over the winter months. But to ensure that it stays frozen throughout the year, the architect uses photovoltaic cells to generate an electrical current, flooding the rink from below the surface to keep it frozen and strengthen the ice. This is ably supported by geothermal turbines.

"overview ice skating rink margot krasojevic indiaartndesign"

The project is multi-purpose, with an outdoor cinema and a natural geothermal spa catering to larger interests and the design intends to reflect the fluid nature and ever-changing state of the immediate environment.

"ice skating rink margot krasojevic indiaartndesign"

Partly enclosed by a sequence of striated cedar wood sections, which create a dynamic relationship with the environment and the project's programs, the form of the ice rink mimics frozen water.

Photovoltaic cells attached to the canopy hold the lighting and cinema projector outlets, providing the area with charging and docking stations; whilst unused energy is fed back into the grid.

"projection ice skating rink margot krasojevic indiaartndesign"

The docking stations also absorb as much sunlight as possible to prevent the ice rink from melting; foldable seating acts as platforms dotted around the main frame, creating a series of flexible spaces. The design is partly enclosed for an ice solar cinema, where using an entirely self-sufficient projector, cinema can be projected onto the ice covered surfaces of the skating rink, animating the design and presenting it as an all-year all-seasons sports and wellness centre.

The lake freezes during the winter months and is used for hockey tournaments and as a skate park. A biodegradable LED net spans the area of the lake strengthening the ice and providing light and gadget/mobile charging stations during the evening.

The second stage of the project adapts the formal configuration of this ice skating rink so it is entirely run by solar energy in the Mongolian desert. The rink will be self-sufficient using renewable energy rather than harmful c02 refrigeration/mechanical refrigeration; as capacitors store the electrical energy for night time use, resulting in a downshift in electrical consumption.

"plan ice skating rink margot krasojevic indiaartndesign"
"technology ice skating rink margot krasojevic indiaartndesign"

A configuration of the striated canopy design will be used as a geothermal pavilion spa, and will have geothermal turbines generate enough electricity to be powered back into the grid, whilst the photovoltaic cells will replace the need for harmful refrigerants.  

Fact File:
Official name of the project: Liquid Skating - Photovoltaic Ice Skating Rink
Location: Kamchatka Krai, Russia
Area: 2,500 m²
Client: China Film House
Architects/ Designers: Margot Krasojevic
Project manager: Margot Krasojevic
Collaborators: Out to tender

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