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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Interiors to friend the social media generation

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: Courtesy Superfusionlab
Read Time: 2 mins 
"exterior view beleaf superfusionlab indiaartndesign"

Designed by Superfusionlab from London, Beleaf, the flagship juice bar in Hangzhou, China, boasts interiors for the social media age…

Beleaf is a series of juice bars founded in Dublin, now well established in the UK and Ireland.
"full view beleaf superfusionlab indiaartndesign"

Located in Kerry Centre shopping mall, Beleaf offers customers an energized and inviting atmosphere, welcoming them through a seamless entrance open to the mall. It achieves a photogenic environment, making it social media friendly with bright and colour-changing raindrop lights that hang low from the ceiling. Custom-designed and made from stretched fabric, the lights lend the space an interactive and robust feel, creating a distinctive background for selfies.
"colourful lights beleaf superfusionlab indiaartndesign"

The raindrop lights (metaphorical for the rainwater that hydrates fruits and vegetables) with their bright, backlit info-graphics highlighting the menu and storage for fresh fruits and vegetables at one visible end, within easy access, reinforces the brand identity more as a matter-of-fact happening than an in-the-face element of design. 

Intelligent surface finishes, wooden flooring and wall panels, white backdrop for the service area and the use of playful wallpapers, all provide a fitting organic milieu for the frisky lights and the modern furniture designed in Corian. Designers, Lida Charsouli and Nathaniel Kolbe have been most excited about exploring the “role of surface as something that comes to life and enriches our senses”.    
"seating beleaf superfusionlab indiaartndesign"

Customers can choose from a variety of seating options - a red leather sofa, stools, an attractive floating window seat or bar style seating. The service area exudes the same energetic feel as rest of the bar under the raindrop lights and with its level-changing counter-tops that accommodate a cash counter, service counter as well as display section.
"counters beleaf superfusionlab indiaartndesign"

Overall, with its eye-catching shapes and surfaces, and its psychedelic LEDs, Beleaf becomes a perfect setting for a click; thus, enhancing customer-led promotion of the bar.

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