Monday, October 2, 2017

An ultra-thin projection into the future!

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: courtesy the designer
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"Marc-Fornes theverymany installation world expo 2017 indiaartndesign"

Marc Fornes/Theverymany design studio creates innovative curves of Minima/Maxima – the tallest-ever installation from material as thin as a coin, to challenge our understanding of structure and space…

The designer known for ‘crawling assemblies’ generated from computational processes to create curious organic forms, exhibits this time, structural stripes in the form of Minima/Maxima to inspire awe and wonder amongst visitors at World Expo 2017, in Astana, Kazakhstan.
"Marc-Fornes theverymany installation indiaartndesign"

Inciting curiosity from afar, the 43 ft. tall ultra-thin structure transports visitors to a strange, futuristic, science-fiction world within, offering a moment of contemplation and naïve wonder amid the busy grounds. Allowing one to wander visually and explore through the senses, the structure instinctively stimulates playful engagement with its contorted curves; the visitors transformed into a childlike state amid the numerous curves and organic openings.
"curvature Marc-Fornes theverymany installation indiaartndesign"
"human interaction Marc-Fornes theverymany installation indiaartndesign"

Marc Fornes/ Theverymany’s research and development extends into the realization of the networked ultra-thin, 6mm powdered aluminium surface, a multi-ply composite of three layers of flat stripes perpendicular to each other that roll in, on and around themselves in tandem to assume curvature and gain height, becoming a unified whole.
"sturdy surface Marc-Fornes theverymany installation indiaartndesign"
"self supporting structure Marc-Fornes theverymany installation indiaartndesign"

The structural integrity of the self-supporting sculpture, whose rolling surface gently transforms into a pleated base, lies within the double curvature of the form; the corrugated base also playing a significant role in achieving the height. The curves, branches, splits and recombination of this whimsical universe make angles, beams and columns irrelevant and redefine the sense of enclosure.
"ultra thin Marc-Fornes theverymany installation indiaartndesign"
"visual treat Marc-Fornes theverymany installation indiaartndesign"

The system comparative to carbon or glass fibre, but unique such that it does not require individual components to be in tension, neither any mould or temporary scaffolding holds immense potential in the future, also mechanical bonding allows re-composition and correction during construction; making such systems lucrative solutions to complex problems.

With parametric and digital architecture based on computational processes taking form all over the world, structural systems like Minima/ Maxima offer endless possibilities, showcasing a fantastic and imaginative world of innovation.

Fact File:
Commissioned by: Epazote Sa. Vladislav Sludskiy
Name of installation: Minima/Maxima
Design Studio: The Very Many
Principal Designer: Marc Fornes
Dimensions: 43’ H x 30' W x 30' D
Material: ⅛” Power-Coated Aluminium
Structure Stripes: 5,312 
Location: World Expo 2017, Astana, Kazakhstan  

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