Friday, October 13, 2017

Style file with Hermès!

By Beverly Pereira
Photography: Edward Hendricks ©Hermès, Paris 2017
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"through the walls exhibition hermes indiaartndesign"

Through the Walls’, an exhibition of the latest luxury homeware collection by Hermès, offers a beautiful peek into what lies ahead in the style files for 2018!

French luxury brand Hermès might be best known for its iconic Birkin handbag. But beyond the world of high fashion, the French house’s attention to materials and craftsmanship is equally established in the business of furniture and homeware. Hermès Maison Universe, its collection of furniture, lamps, wallpapers and other desirable objects for the home, is currently being showcased at an exhibition titled ‘Through the Walls’ on the upper levels of the Hermès flagship store at Liat Towers in Singapore.

"pattern with pattern hermes indiaartndesign"

Diverse objects for the home form a playful narrative that immerses the viewer in a whimsical world, where fluid lines coexist with disorder, and beauty with rigour. Placing prominence on form and function, elegant objects become a part of the arresting scenography conceptualised by French set designers Jean-Christophe Vaillant and Hervé Sauvage.
"furniture hermes indiaartndesign"

Sounds of everyday life at home transform the space, breathing life into the leather-bedecked furniture, graphic wallpaper, lamps and other elegant objects on display.
"home decor with hermes indiaartndesign"

A wall plastered with graphic wallpaper slices through a two-seater Hermès leather sofa, the scenography simultaneously deconstructing and reconstructing the space. Amid this inevitable metamorphosis of space emerges the creation of architecture within architecture.
"porcelain design inspired from ties hermes indiaartndesign"
"eclectic furnishings hermes indiaartndesign"

Porcelain cups and saucers inspired by the iconic micro-patterns of a Hermès tie are a picture of poise even as they appear to be sliding off a tilted surface. Objects in this universe clearly have a life of their own, but they also quite naturally interact with other coveted objects and the surroundings as a whole. A solid wood and leather mahjong game set with all-leather tiles sits atop an onyx table, while the Link, or Lien d’ Hermès, emblematic of the brand’s equestrian heritage and a prominent feature in the exhibition, looks on.
"home accessories hermes indiaartndesign"
"beauty of pattern play hermes indiaartndesign"

This immersive experience explores the intimacy of pattern-with-pattern, organized clutter, even, the innately rich contribution of detail. With the forthcoming festive season, here’s where you can take a leaf from to suit your lifestyle and personality.

Exhibition: Through the Walls’
Dates: Oct. 7 – 29, 2017 
Venue: Hermes, 541 Orchard Road, Singapore

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