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Monday, July 23, 2012

Function & Expression

Ezine Special

By Ar. Jim Olson
Photographs: Courtesy Olson Kundig Architects

Being an architect with a natural affinity for art and nature, I have generally always followed my instinctual responses to a space and its surroundings.

I find great inspiration from nature and art. I see the landscape, architecture, interiors, and art as one integrated design statement.



Add to that, the people's lives that flow through it over the years. Everything affects and is affected by everything else. 



At its best, architecture can enhance the experience of art. When I design space for art, I try to let the art become the focus. There is so much to be learned by allowing yourself mental space to consider art, so I strive for strong architectural bones that let each work of art have its own sense of space.

I continue to look to many of the same sources of inspiration that I did when I first became interested in being an architect…architects like Frank Lloyd Wright or Mies van der Rohe, the ancient architecture of Greece, the elegance of traditional Japanese architecture, the beauty of nature, and the insights to be gained by experiencing art. 

I am especially interested in working with light, especially soft "ethereal" light. The development of translucent glass and plastic has allowed me to create soft, glowing walls of light that lead to more tranquil, peaceful environments. 



Over the years I don't think my approach to design has changed that much. I hope that I have become a better architect, but my approach has stayed the same. I have always pushed myself to do the best work possible—to find the perfect balance between function and expression.


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