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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Concepts by Collaboration

By Anuradha K R
Illustrations: Courtesy Istituto Marangoni
airport lounge

Italian furniture honcho Cappellini draws out fresh ideas from the student pool for upcoming airport lounges in Milan, Miami and Tokyo…

Student talent is said to come up with a fresh perspective and the Milan Design Week, 2015 provided a platform for budding designers - √Črica Giacomelli, Javier Velo and Kirill Ivkoto of Home Luxury Collection Design, Istituto Marangoni School of Design, Milan to showcase their prowess. Their prototype, targeting airports, aims to provide an embracing atmosphere for travellers, doling out precious moments of calm, with a touch of exclusivity and privacy, without compromising on connectedness.
airport lounge

Embedding the 10 x 20 sq. m. lounge amidst the chaos associated with airports, their concept is based on the tranquility and association experienced by an unborn, in the ‘sanctuary’ of the womb.
curved surfaces

The designers draw from the topography, landscapes and organic shapes replete in nature to endow the space with fluidity, the highlight of their design. Although the students claim that Brazilian landscape architect and artist Burle Marx’s designs have played an inspirational role in helping them blend pure shapes and fluid lines, the fluid strokes bear a striking resemblance to Ar. Zaha Hadid’s signature, with organic contours finding expression throughout the lounge from floor design, ceiling and glass panels to furniture/furnishings and lighting.
fluid lines in furniture
contoured structural columns

Having to choose furniture/furnishings from the Capillenni catalogue and free to use the products they had designed throughout their curricular year at the Institute, the students had access to Cappellini’s partnership with Bolon Flooring, iGuzzini Lighting and Kvadrat Fabrics for the venture. From Dalia armchair to the Capo armchair to the Bong side table and the custom-made, exotic bar table, a contoured approach marks an overwhelming presence in the lounge with linear lines taking a back-seat…
floor to ceiling glass windows

Travel symbolizes ‘flow of life’ and the design helps reiterate this attribute of life. What is commendable and shows promise in these future professionals is the harmony and surefooted approach of their proposed design.  

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  1. Madhavi Sethna-ParikhJuly 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM

    Very true ! You think out of the box as a fresher & then the confines of society / monetary / practical /tangible confines lock you in & you roll in the rut like your fellow designers


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