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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Themed roof-top gardens for mixed-use in Bordeaux, France

 Compiled by TeamIAnD
Information: Courtesy NLA

urban landmark-mixed use - Canopia in Bordeaux France
Intended as an urban landmark, this mixed-use development in Bordeaux, France, is envisaged as a lighthouse after dark...

Its handsome proportions, generous outdoor spaces, and environmentally friendly qualities propose to make Canopia, as it is christened, a focal point within the regional city of Bordeaux.

urban landmark-mixed use - Canopia in Bordeaux France

The project presents a variety of outdoor spaces - hanging gardens, generous apartment balconies, vegetable gardens, etc. - fostering a continuation between indoor and outdoor living environments.

urban landmark-mixed use - Canopia model in Bordeaux France
world's tallest timber residential tower

The project proposes to comprise a 50 m tall residential building with 199 homes - a timber frame structure, which will make it one of the tallest structures of its kind in the world; 3,770 sq. m. of office space and 500 sq. m. of retail outlets; besides a panoramic bar and shared spaces.  

model of world's tallest timber tower

The timber structure is proposed to be made from silver fir or spruce beams and posts, the floors from cross-laminated timber (silver fir or spruce) using the Mathis ATEX technique for high-rise buildings. Glued laminated timber bars will be incorporated into the post and beam frame to stabilise the tower. All the buildings in the project therefore aim to achieve "Biosourcé" certification. An H&E A-rating is being sought for the homes. As for the offices, they will have double HQE® BREEAM certification to guarantee their environmental performance.

model of roof gardens

While an important consideration is the initiative’s contribution to fighting climate change, what sets this project apart is the proposal for a collection of themed rooftop gardens connected by walkways.

roof gardens at Canopia

With the onus of delivering quality shared spaces, both on the fringes of the site with the terrace gardens or at the heart of the development with the green oasis, residents and visitors are invited to wander, relax and contemplate the landscape of the Bordeaux region. Residents are thus given access to a series of gardens: an agricultural space with vegetable gardens, fruit trees, vines, a compost area and water reservoirs, a winter garden, a terrace for the restaurant and a rooftop playground. These raised walkways will be unique in Bordeaux, and offer unparalleled views of the hills and the Garonne.

interior spaces at Canopia

Canopia emerges as a major architectural innovation in the contemporary landscape, with the inclusion of a structure, which embodies the ambitions of the city of Bordeaux.

Canopia mixed use development at Bordeaux, France

This proposal has been jointly conceptualised by multi-disciplinary team made up of developer Pitch Promotion, architects Sou Fujimoto Architects and laisné roussel, timber construction engineering firm Mathis, economist Faure, environmental engineering agency Le Sommer Environment, landscaping team Etablissement, acousticians Emacoustic and the building control office Apave.
Renders: Tamàs Fischer, Morph, laisné roussel, Sou Fujimoto Architects,
Model: Jean Louis Courtois Model and Co.
Model Photo Copyright: Roberta Donatini 
Copyright images + plans + documents: Sou Fujimoto Architects + Laisné Roussel  

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