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Monday, April 11, 2016

Mexico’s naturally raw house

By Udita Chaturvedi
Photography: David Cervera; courtesy the architect

raw house

Inspired by the thought and style of renowned Mexican architect R. Legorreta who believed, “Luxury is in space,” is a house built on a long and narrow  plot, nestled between existing houses in a packed locality of Mexico City…

Speaking about luxuriousness - the house not only reflects luxury in the efficient use of space but also in the largely open-plan layout, leaving enough room for free movement.
living area

Taller Estilo Architecture has designed this “Raw House” using naturally available material in the vicinity, and left it exposed to allow the residents to appreciate the intrinsic beauty of natural surroundings. While concrete, cement block and metal fittings serve as a contrast to the common trend of using synthetic and innovative material, wood from old doors and old wooden chests adds warm tones to the house. Meanwhile, earthy hues of green and brown dominate the house through woodwork and (outdoor and indoor) plantation, and white adds subtlety and luxury to the space.
natural ventilation

The temperature of the house is smartly maintained through passive conditioning elements and ventilation solutions such as an air chimney system, glass walls, a pool at the end and permaculture pots, which always have water. Glasses between common rooms and as a wall facing the poolside, in fact, make the otherwise narrow space look much larger.
indoor pool

In fact, almost every room has a green view - either of the terrace or the plants around the pool or the tall trees outside the house. This greenery is also reflected indoors through glass walls and shining white tiles during the daytime, thus bringing the residents close to nature and their “raw” environment.
dining area
living room

Certain elements have been amicably juxtaposed to play between rugged and sleek looks. In the living room, leather and wood complement each other as the glass wall faces the green and blue outside. Sophisticated polished woodwork in the private areas is again contrasted with rough and exposed wood in the kitchen or other common areas.
master bedroom

The common areas in the house, especially the kitchen, have several elements and a style that reminds one of a Manhattan apartment, where floor area constraint is tackled with large windows, spaced out seating arrangements and contemporary light fixtures. Modern art and caricatures on the block walls, on the other hand, add youthfulness and liveliness to the space through a burst of colours.

The interior is defined by a chic ambience rooted in raw appeal! 

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