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Monday, October 24, 2016

Youthful Eclecticism!

By FinchD
Photography: Saranin Artemy
Read Time: 2 mins  
wall tile mural

Designed by Saranin Artemy of the ALLARTSDESIGN Company, Redcup Cafe is a youth cafe, restored in a retro-futuristic style...

Located in the largest ‘resort city’ of Russia- Sochi, the cafe has an alluring quality enriched with symbols and graphical representations of popular cafe-culture. Retaining the original layout, the designers work around non-parallel walls and irregular geometry with innovative solutions and ambient elements that succeed in discreetly hiding the harsh angles of the space.

different seating arrangements
red cup cafe
trendy wall art

Thus, the conspicuous circular columns stand out as boisterous elements, softened by a rhythmic composition of parallel beige pipes, reminiscent of bamboo trunks. The ceiling, also retained in its original form is altered with the help of colours and soft, circular light fixtures. 
round light fittings
fluted pattern on rotund columns

The 190 sq. m. cafe accommodates a variety of seating arrangements that cater to a variety of people throughout the day. The layout includes plush, informal couches along the perimeter of the circular columns; family tables for formal meals; casual seating for smaller groups, alfresco seating with bar stools, and tables facing a large glass window, which in turn overlook the alfresco area.
red cup wall installation

One of the walls, embellished with dynamic ornamentation of red and white cups, balances the earthy overtones that compose the furniture and upholstery in the cafe. Simultaneously, in order to portray the Asian orientation of the cafe, the wall is treated with a grid of rectangular tiles constituting symbolic imagery. A wall of stained glass also allows plenty of natural light into the space, which in the evenings, under ambient lighting, transforms the cafe into a cosy haven.
alfresco seating

The flexible layout, coupled with the eclectic collection of furniture and ornamentation, creates a warm and welcoming vibe for visitors all ages.

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