Monday, November 28, 2016

Minimalist set design

By Avinash Yadav

Photography: JC Carbonne & Studio Constance Guisset; courtesy Studio Constance Guisset
Read Time: 2 mins 
"Les Randonneurs Part 2 LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesign"

Designer and scenographer, Constance Guisset’s latest offering is a mesmerizing multi-media composition that revolves around the Chinese symbol of feminity - the ‘hair’…

When you deal with a story, where a woman is the pivotal part of your narrative, whose mysterious, fascinating, palpable range of emotions need to be captured as the metaphoric core of a layered timeline, the theatrical representation has to capture and convey the essence, evoking empathy in the audience.
"Transition LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesign"
"Intermeiede LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesign"

La Fresque is the ballet adaptation of the Chinese tale, ‘The Painting on the wall’, where the central idea of the narrative is woven around the symbol of femininity. The ballet traces the story of two travellers, who take refuge in a temple on a bad day. Here, they discover a fresco depicting several young women playing in a field of umbrella pines. Struck by love for one of the young women, the first traveller magically enters the fresco and marries the character. Forced to leave the picture, he leaves behind his beloved. But this passage of time transforms the canvas... The young woman with long hair is now wearing a bun - hairstyle characteristic of married Chinese women.
"Les cigognes LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesign"
"Les moines LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesign"

What takes the narrative to another level is the compelling visual design of the set between installations and projections. Constance commendably rises to the challenge of stage confines with a flawless scenography that blends the metaphor with the narrative. She creates magic. In one instance, where the dancers do not move an inch, the scene is simply magnetic.
"La fresque LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesignS"
"Les randonneurs LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesign"

‘Hair’ unfolds and draws living landscapes: No longer mere curls of hair; they become undulating hills, evanescent smoke, enveloping jungle... The swirls mingle and disentangle following the choreography, between appearances and holograms. Running parallel, on a thin canvas that separates the dancers from the audience, are projected videos of hair that float in the water.
"Les masques LAFRESQUE Constance Guisset indiaartndesign"

The storytelling (ably supported by Angelin Preljocaj’s choreography) simultaneously blurs and maintains the transitory line that differentiates between reality and fantasy; establishing a palpable connect with the audience; leaving them with an experience!

Dates: Nov. 29 – Dec. 4, 2016
Venue: Royal Opera of Versailles  

The show will then be on tour throughout France. 

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