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Friday, November 25, 2016

Blurring lines of function and art!

By Savitha Hira
Photography: Zooey Braun; courtesy the architects
Read Time: 2 mins

"House Benz Ippolito Fleitz Group indiaartndesign"

Stationed on a plateau at the edge of the Black Forest in Kräherwald’s typical 1920’s ‘coffee-grinder house’ amid scenic views of the city lies this not-so-little home with a tall social order…

Creating an aura of discerning aesthetics with their company products and doubling up their home into a product-showcase-cum-business meet venue, away from the conventional setups of trade fairs and showroom presentations, Architects and designers, Ippolito Fleitz Group repurpose this once-medical-clinic layout into a smart residence-cum-workplace with a generous provision for their hi-profile clients, Walter Knoll company director Markus Benz and his wife, Susanne’s works of art.
"Floor plans House Benz Ippolito Fleitz Group indiaartndesign"

The three-storey house is segregated into public/ representative areas for informal and friendly customer relations as well as a conference room on the ground floor; and private areas on the first and top floors.
"Undulating walls House Benz Ippolito Fleitz Group indiaartndesign"
"contemporary ceiling lights House Benz Ippolito Fleitz Group indiaartndesign"

Without being in-the-face, the design vocabulary unfolds via the shell, where softly undulating walls and a three-dimensional faceted ceiling in the living-dining area set the tone for the display of art, artefacts and the Walter Knoll furniture, blurring the line between function and art.
"angular ceiling House Benz Ippolito Fleitz Group indiaartndesign"

A light orb made out of hand-blown, cut, crystal glass; aboriginal art teamed up with Walter Knoll product ensemble of couch, tables, armchairs and silk rug with an extravagant bronze ring lamp, which recalls a tuning fork, and the like...  illustrate the kind of interior styling that befits the space and status of the Benz family; simultaneously highlighting the aesthetic quotient of the designer furniture in typical settings.
"family room House Benz Ippolito Fleitz Group indiaartndesign"

Without overcrowding, the home exudes an innate charm that comes from using high-quality materials with the highest standards of quality. The plush interiors stand out against pockets of surprise viz., the deep purple hallway of the entrance; the quaint depth of the painted walls; the glass walls that house the door to the study; the intimacy of netted floor-sweeping curtains; the arrogance of the Walter Knoll key piece desk that appears to float; the siagraphy of the faceted ceiling.... the list can go on.
"meeting room House Benz Ippolito Fleitz Group indiaartndesign"

The pièce de résistance is the unique original tabletop of the long dining table – a Persian textile cast in tinted epoxy resin with pieces of cloth still hanging out of the table top on either side!

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