Sunday, December 11, 2016

Floating gym!

By Finch D
Photography: Courtesy Carlo Ratti Associati
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"floating gym Paris CRA indiaartndesign"

Parisians can soon hop on to a unique fitness experience as the new gym-boat - The Paris Navigation Gym cruises along the Seine every day...

Design and innovation office, Carlo Ratti Associates unveils their latest concept of a floating gym that is fuelled by human-energy sourced from onboard workout sessions. Collaborating with Technogym, a manufacturer of fitness equipment, and Terreform ONE (Open Network Ecology), a non-profit architecture group that promotes smart design in cities, the new gym design is based on Bateaux Mouches- traditional ferry boats that have been part of a popular cultural practice in Paris since the early 20th century, and have presented city folk and tourists alike with an opportunity to experience the landmarks of the charming city at a leisurely pace. 

"floating gym Paris river seine CRA indiaartndesign"

Taking inspiration from the form of these emblematic boats, the gym-boat marries the traditional with the ultra-modern. The 20-metre long liner will have the capacity to hold 45 people, engaged in its state-of-the-art ARTIS machines - a range of sports equipment, which harnesses human energy and channelises it to propel the boat. Equipped with ARTIS bikes and cross trainers, the gym boat is an innovative attempt at creating sustainable solutions for the dwindling ecosystems of contemporary urban environments. 
"floating gym river seine CRA indiaartndesign"

Said to operate throughout the year, it will be equipped with a retractable glass covering to overcome inclement weather conditions. The roof will also host photovoltaic cells to supplement human energy. An installation of augmented-reality screens will quantify the energy produced by the guests, while simultaneously relaying the environmental conditions of the river, tracked with the aid of real time sensors integrated in the design of the ferry.
"CRA Paris Navigation indiaartndesign"

The project aims to be implemented in less than 18 months, including design, construction, and testing, before starting its cruise to celebrate human power. It also proposes to be a tribute to the city’s quintessential concept of strolling; and has the potential to reinforce the renown of Paris being one of the most forward-looking cities in the fitness and wellbeing realm. 

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