Saturday, December 10, 2016

Selling stories; not objects!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Luis Beltran; courtesy Masquespacio
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“studied colours Masquespacio Gnomo indiaartndesign”

Hugely colour influenced, this fusion space in Ruzafa, Valencia, houses lifestyle products in a scenario, where an essentially 80’s thematic marries contemporary overtures...

Award winning creative consultancy firm, Masquespacio, Valencia is known for its branding and interior projects via a unique approach that results in innovative concepts. While designing the new store interiors for Gnomo, home of various lifestyle brands, it was important for the designers to create a light-hearted and happy feeling without disrupting visual order.

“blue block ceiling Masquespacio Gnomo indiaartndesign”
“movable display systems Masquespacio Gnomo indiaartndesign”

So, living up to their reputation for creating unique experiences, Team Masquespacio impresses with a crystal clear understanding of colours throughout their work. At first glance, it is easy to understand that the choice, usage and amount of colours at Gnomo are far from random. The entrance shutters are a simple combination of monochromes and pretty pastels - hues that are generally observed throughout the world in various designs; however, the psychological impact of this particular combination attributes to compelling consumers indoors, where they are treated to many more surprises!

“Curved lights Masquespacio Gnomo indiaartndesign”

Sleek lines and angles are brought to life by playful white lighting and potted plants that dot the horizontal as well as vertical planes. Re-configurable, easy-to-move, minimalistic furniture and custom made wire mesh shelves house more than enough merchandise for Gnomo and its partner brands; whilst bespoke lighting complements, the entire tableau appearing playful and young.

“playful ambience Masquespacio Gnomo indiaartndesign”

A smooth granite floor seamlessly joins the walls, broken only by a vivid blue and an eye-pleasing turquoise staircase. Playing it cool with this particular colour palette, the designers create a lively ambience that not only tends to draw in the clients, but also keep them engaged!

“product display Masquespacio Gnomo indiaartndesign”

Working on experience design and connecting visual merchandising and emotional response ingrained in retail design, the space born of it is sure to transform the buying experience. Selling stories rather than objects, this aim to cater to lifestyles that seek originality and beautiful things is evident throughout Gnomo – just as with Masquespacio’s other signature designs! 

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