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Winner of 2016 International Space Design Award

Compiled by TeamIAnD
Photography: Benny Chan at Fotoworks; courtesy v2com
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"edmunds office design mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
Main connecting stair to 2nd floor - showing reception desk on first floor and 1966 Corvette (mounted directly on top of the 2016)

What makes the Edmunds’ “EdQuarters” 2016’s International Space Design Award winner?
Team IAnD finds out…

M+M Creative Studio has been named as the Award Winner of the 2016 International Space Design Award IDEA-TOPS for the 'Best Office Design'
"edquarters edmunds mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
Main stair

An inventive space that weaves together a cross-section of tech and automotive-themed designs, 143,000 sq. ft. Edmunds’ “EdQuarters” in Santa Monica is the new corporate headquarters of the car shopping company,

"corvettes edmunds mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
Polished mirror chrome reception desk at main arrivals lobby with main stair adjacent and 2016 Corvette Sting Ray turning above
"corvettes edquarters mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
2nd floor - lobby with opening to 1st floor - 1966 Corvette
"matchbox cars logo design edmunds mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
Main lounge with logo on wall (made from 2,472 small toy cars)

Comprising two floors and outdoor space, the first floor is anchored and highlighted by two Corvettes mounted and turning in unison above the mirror-polished stainless steel reception desk. Other design features on the first floor include a long and elegant coffee bar, where employees are encouraged to gather and interact; a mosaic of 2,472 ‘Matchbox’ cars assembled to form Edmunds’ logo; and a 1948 Cadillac that has been converted into a beer tap and bar.
"conference edmunds mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
Typical conference room
"auto theme edmunds mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"

The bulk of the second floor consists of a plank-desking system that allows flexibility in linear feet per person, as well as additional smaller meeting rooms dispersed throughout along with miscellaneous programmatic requirements such as quiet rooms (‘Rest Stops’) and an IT service desk (the ‘Pit Stop’).

"breakout edmunds mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
2nd floor - work lounge area

Meanwhile, a 10,000 sq. ft. exterior central atrium offers both larger social and more intimate spaces connected to the adjacent interior spaces with over 130 linear feet of retractable glass doors. Inside the atrium itself, the multiple 15’ long raised linear planters, gurgling water features and in-ground LED lighting run in parallel lanes like cars seen from above passing on a super-sized highway.

"slide edmunds mmcreativestudio indiaartndesign"
Main coffee bar, workstations, main lobby area & slide from 2nd floor - called the "expressway"

The key to the success of this design is the one-of-a-kind environment that is certainly outside the standard kit of design parts. It aims at driving multiple groups to effortlessly use the space to create and energize their own brand of corporate culture; to freely collaborate, think and innovate. Consequently, as desired, the facility stands out as an icon of Los Angeles’ Silicon Beach tech community!

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