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Friday, April 14, 2017

Casa Clara - patterned clarity!

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: Edgard Cesar; courtesy the architect
Read Time: 2 mins
"casa clara by day by night arch1 1 indiaartndesign"

Casa Clara, literally translated, House of Clarity, by 1:1 Arquitetura:Design, Brazil, lives up to its name of being an elegant and clear solution for a compact home...

The needs of a small family have been resolutely resolved in an 89 sq. m. home with a bold personality interwoven with geometric playfulness.

"casa clara cobogo screen arch1 1 indiaartndesign"
"casa clara cobogo arch1 1 indiaartndesign"

Casa Clara is a mounted rectangular volume, with a tinge of earthy orange, with no clutter to take away from its strong, yet delicate presence, under the tropical sky and amid the surrounding landscape. A steel frame offering clean lines and aiding quick construction supports the house over a downhill terrain. The siting of the structure, testimonial of understated elegance allows for space below the house, efficiently used in part for air circulation and partly as a flowerbed. As if endorsing its stately presence, one wall spans beyond the perimeter of the house, adding a bold extension and also providing seclusion to the residents from adjoining streets.

"casa clara arch1 1 indiaartndesign"

The geometric patterns of the local Brazilian hollowed-out concrete block called Cobogo, narrates a story in concrete and chiaroscuro, both inside and out. A wall composed in Cobogo effectively reflects sunrays from the west, providing thermal comfort, ventilation and views of the setting sun. Referencing Arabic Muxarabi - the jali pattern - augments the interior spaces with a constant and beautiful play of light, at the same time offering a sense of privacy to the residents.

Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors open up the house to the outdoors; the composition of hollow blocks, solid walls and glass effectively enhancing the spatial configuration within.

"casa clara living arch1 1 indiaartndesign"
"casa clara dining arch1 1 indiaartndesign"
"casa clara interiors arch1 1 indiaartndesign"

A simple frame of concrete welcomes one into the comfortable house. The spaces all flow into each other, the circulation effortless and efficient. The muted colours of the living area, the grey curtains, raw flooring with subtle colours of the carpet… all work in harmony with the bold walls. The reflective surface of the oven adds changing colours to the matte black kitchen, which forms the backdrop for a modest dining space. Pieces designed by prominent Brazilian designers adorn the space. Chairs by Sergio Rodrigues, armchairs by Zanine Caldas, bench by Leo Romano, couch by Studio Bola, and sideboard, cabinets and bookcase by Studio Virgula Zero with minimal accent pieces complete the space.

A heightened sensory experience prevails.

"casa clara cobogo detail arch1 1 indiaartndesign"
"casa clara cobogo screen detail arch1 1 indiaartndesign"

Fact File:
Architecture studio: 1:1 arquitetura:design
Design: Eduardo Sáinz e LilianGlayna
Internal area: 89 sq. m.
Total built area: 123 sq. m.
Location: Brasília, DF, Brazil

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