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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Naturally upscale!

By Shrabana Das
Photography: Luis Beltran; courtesy Masquespacio
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"La Manera Masquespacio indiaartndesign"

Masquespacio Design Consultancy successfully retains the natural and timeless vibe of the ancient city of Valencia in a gastrobar aptly named – La Manera.

A bistro by day, fine-dine or pulsating nightclub by evening, La Manera is versatile at transforming its ambience 24/7/365. The design of the gastrobar stays true to all three forms of hospitality, with a natural twist. With the business concept being top-class food prepared with purely natural ingredients, Masquespacio uses this philosophy of nature as the guiding design principle.

"fixed glazed window La Manera Masquespacio indiaartndesign"
"bistro appeal La Manera Masquespacio indiaartndesign"

Retaining the essence of the existing brick wall, the designers add a flourish of metal to concrete and the surroundings to aver to a natural rustic look. With the ceiling and floor deliberately kept neutral, the treatment accentuates the internal envelope.
"bar La Manera Masquespacio indiaartndesign"
"details La Manera Masquespacio indiaartndesign"

Given its multi-functionality, seating is arranged in groups of twos and fours along the floor-to-ceiling glazed windows that overlook the street, and capture the feel of a roadside barista. Lightweight chairs and tables are interspersed with deeply cushioned sofas for a loungy-feel. With the cocktail bar positioned along one wall and the lounge-like seating along another, a large part of the central area is easily made available as a flexi-option to a dance floor, as and when the need arises.

"lattice wall La Manera Masquespacio indiaartndesign"

Balancing the sober with native cultural nuances, a secondary colour palette of muted shades of pink, peach, indigo and umber anoints the soft furnishings viz., soft leather and throw cushions made of varied fabrics; as some colour is introduced via the magazine covers that are mounted on one wall. A lattice wall dotted with vegetation attempts to recreate the Mediterranean feel, while blending with the innate theme of the gastrobar, lending an earthy yet upscale influence. Muted, adjustable lighting and wall panels convey intimacy and privacy.

"sofa corner La Manera Masquespacio indiaartndesign"

The symbiosis of nature metaphoric with the brown earth and a flexi-at-will ambience makes La Manera the perfect dining location, at any time of the day or night.

Fact File
Client: La Manera
Design Firm: Masquespacio 
Paint: Montó 
Lighting: Designed by Masquespacio, local production 
Tables, shelves, cabinets and pots: Designed by Masquespacio, local production
Concrete: Tubosca
Chairs: Recovering actual chairs adding a touch of paint + new models Singular Market
Construction: Valseco
Location: Valencia, Spain

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