Monday, May 1, 2017

‘Just Play’

By Annie Aggarwal with inputs from Avinash Yadav
Photography: Luca Morandini; courtesy the architect
Read Time: 2 mins 
"just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"

Studio Apostoli lives up to its reputation of cutting-edge design by crafting out a sportswear flagship, ‘Just Play’ with its finger on the pulse of an urbane techno-savvy clientele…

Recently inaugurated at the brand new Adigeo Shopping Centre in Verona, Italy, and designed by Ar. Alberto Apostoli, post extensive market research and user study, ‘Just Play’ is a space that its target customers - youngsters aged four to fourteen can truly identify with.
"just play store alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"
"green totempole just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"
"overview just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"

In collaboration with Nike Inc. and holding Nike, Converse, Hurley and Jordan brands, ‘Just Play’ instantaneously captures young minds with bright green and fuchsia pillars on the sides of a central, subtly meandering path. These prismatic totems feature recessed video walls composed of 16 screens and breach into the ceiling providing clear-cut theming.

"mixed display just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"

Areas divided based on gender, age group and corners to feature the four brands, all follow a consistent language of fluid, irregular shapes throughout. Product display is highlighted along the walls and via custom-designed freestanding shelves and hangers, in brightly coloured metal, Plexiglass and lacquered wood; the forms reminiscent of sports equipment like skateboards, etc. Island units in wood and metal continue the irregular geometry in a volumetric dimension, whilst bright bold lines on the ceiling reminiscent of an athletic track define the subtle reflect to a sports-thematic. The floor, partly wood with basketball court markings referencing parquet gyms and partly resin with an effect of ‘street’, completes the store.

"wooden flooring just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"

Lighting augments the feeling for both parents and children. RGB fixtures with Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) caters to pre-programmed scenarios: parents in the morning with soft, smooth light; while children in the afternoon and on weekends are greeted with impactful, dynamic lights and colours.

"virtual mirror just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"
"island seating just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"

Technology furthers the experience, offering maximum connectivity and interaction. A multimedia tree (the hub) at the entrance displays all the products on sale, offers feedback and contact with store community. Tablets provide a guided, tailor-made shopping experience based on customer preferences, much like a real browser; through the store lined with recessed wall screens, and virtual mirrors that contain a library of 3D garments, also available on display, making them appear as if the user had them on; models and colours changeable with a click. The whole experience shareable on social media makes the shopping experience more rewarding and allows integration with the online store.

"girls section just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"
"boys section just play alberto apostoli indiaartndesign"

The design goes beyond point of sale approach, and employs marketing and communication strategy in an ambitious and innovative play of elements to create a store that enhances play for its young customers; the concept already set to expand nationwide and beyond.  

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