Thursday, May 4, 2017

Walk through your magazine – Magmode!

By Shrabana Das
Photography: James Chan; courtesy the architect
Read Time: 2 mins
"entrance with contents magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"

RIGI Design transforms a retail store into a real-life magazine through innovative zoning and a non-intrusive colour palette…

Picture this: A Page of Contents greets you at the entrance; instead of a traditional signage, it is a picture of a brand splashed across the display window. You enter to find the various areas styled like different sections of a magazine – each section being a ‘page’ of display!

"counter with stairs magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"

Magmode is an innovative combination of zoning and imagination, the theme being a magazine. You begin by browsing through the season’s latest collections and are directed towards each ‘page’ of display, beckoning your attention. Each display area features a brand, which comes with a brief seasonal introduction as the design of its pin-up.

"different sections magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"
"aisle magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"

The dynamism of a space as conventional as a retail store is achieved perfectly by Liu Kai, chief designer of RIGI Design. The neutral shades on the walls accentuated by white indirect lighting along with mounted blocks for display ensure that the composition of the space is governed entirely by the products on display and the background introduction. The store features top fashion labels, lifestyle accessories and books.  

"mixed display2 magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"
"space selling one book magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"

Each section displays the family of products by the brand. The only space, where the designers allow themselves some relaxation from the neutrality, is in common spaces such as the staircase, which boasts of a minimalist yet enchanting lighting statement.

"mixed display magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"
"display showing store theme magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"

There are certain interesting quirks such as the display of a single book in one ‘page’ as it is the book of the season. Or perhaps a complete set of attire and accessories as per the ensemble aspired for by the brand wagon; with a mirror for you to see yourself instead of the models that you may go starry-eyed at, in magazines.

"display units magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"
"industrial ceiling magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"

You can never walk out of the store expecting to see the same interiors next time. For the latest issue of Magmode is already out and running!

"geometrical wall lights magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"
"magmode rigi design indiaartndesign"

Fact File:
Project: Magmode of Hangzhou Kerry Centre Store
Designer: RIGI Design
Chief Designer: Liu Kai
Area: 600 sq. m.
Location: Hangzhou, China

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