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Monday, July 10, 2017

Monochrome whimsy!

Information: Courtesy v2com
Photography: Maxime Brouillet; courtesy v2com
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"monochrome jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"

In his second installation that combines art, architecture, and domesticity, Ar. Jean Verville presents a domestic architectural installation designed for two lovers of contemporary arts…

The second installation in the series of three, IN2 integrates an inventive experimentation in a Montreal cottage of the 50s. Since the home-makers are art and culture aficionados, Jean exalts the fusion of art and everyday life in a proposal requiring a high degree of user participation. The architectural intervention blurs the reading of spaces with volumetric assemblages and visual breakthroughs, contrasts and tensions, scale games and trompe-l'oeil.

"monochrome walls jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"
"monochrome long lamp jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"

The opposition between black and white produces optical effects oscillating between reality and abstraction, where bidimensionality borders on three-dimensionality until the boundaries between the two notions disappear.

"corridors monochrome jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"
"monochrome interiors jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"

By addressing the pleasure conveyed by architecture, Jean offers a daily participatory experience to the occupants of this graphic environment. This architectural journey, animated by whimsical touches that unload the intervention of the coldness and seriousness often associated with contemporary architecture, calls for an experience completely altered by illusion, and this, for the delight of its owners.

"interiors monochrome jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"
"monochrome kitchen jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"

The architect’s interest lies in the possibilities of hybridization between arts and architecture and their impact on the architectural creation process. A series of research stays in Japan, focusing on "Art House Projects", led him to a reflection on the artistic experience within architecture, which he continues to pursue.  

"monochrome bathroom jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"
"bathroom floor monochrome jean verville IN2 indiaartndesign"

This home is spread across 100 sq. m. and uses materiality that ranges from wood, lacquer, paint, and granite to ceramic tile and mirror. François Bodlet and Stéphane Gimbert collaborate with Jean Verville on this assignment. 

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