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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Understated flamboyance

By Savitha Hira
Photography: Courtesy Maxime Jacquet
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"hollywood home maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"
The Hollywood home (inset) Maxime Jacquet

The ‘Bad Boy of Design’ gets a carte blanche to design a home in Hollywood; and he delivers, living up to his reputation… 

Belgian interior designer, Maxime Jacquet, renowned for his trendsetting interior spaces designs a contemporary hilltop home in Loz Feliz, with a 3600 view of the city of Los Angeles, California.

"outdoors maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"
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Working on giving the home an organic vibe, Maxime, who first raised the existing property to the ground, to begin from scratch, works on a very modern, serene palette of neutrals – abounding with beiges, whites, the greys of cement with a touch of organic wood.

"monochrome interiors maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"
"black walls maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"

The home sits on a vantage point, a tad higher than the neighbouring residences, and opens to scenic surrounds. It is bound partially by large, floor-to-ceiling French doors and windows that completely open out, either on sliding rails or pivots – establishing a seamless interior-exterior equation.

"living area maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"
"select bespoke art maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"
"unusual positioning of furniture maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"

Modern and ecologic pieces of mid-century furniture dot the sleek and minimalist interior, as soothing colours pop up in the form of selected works of art. A keen sense of style seeps through as throws are nonchalantly flung on deep-seated sofas, rugs on floors, and luxuriant beddings make subtle statements of luxe living.

"plush bedroom maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"
"neutral palette maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"

True to his reputation, Maxime plays with space and pieces of sculptural art, juxtaposing them and positioning them in the most unexpected places, creating a style statement; all the while maintaining the openness and connect with the exterior. Consequently, furniture pieces used are sparse and eclectically hand-picked to make their mark. Windows are left bare to bring the outdoors, in. Accent lighting adds to the understated elegance as it complements the night lights and the romantic ambience of the home on the hill.

"master bedroom maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"
"luxurious bathroom maxime jacquet indiaartndesign"

The highlight of the project is the master bedroom that has an adjoining private terrace and the most unique view of Los Angeles.  

Fact File:
Design Firm: Premier Stagers
Design Lead: Maxime Jacquet / Summer Chapin
Location: West Hollywood, California

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