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Friday, August 18, 2017

Sentiments in design!

Compiled by Team IAnD
Photography: Rafael Gamo; courtesy v2com
Read Time: 2 mins 
"Mexico home Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"

Arquitectura en movimiento Workshop refurbishes an old house in Mexico respecting the nostalgic sentiments of its homeowner…

Arqmov Workshop has adapted this 30-year old house, cherishing the childhood memories of the homeowner and adapting the home to suit his new family – with a wife and three children. To make optimum use of house's spatial potential and to take advantage of its location opposite to a golf course, the architects started by stripping the original structure to its bare bones and starting from scratch.
"double height living area Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"

Demolishing the dividing floor of the residence, Arqmov created a large double-height volume with large windows to the rear and to the garden and swimming pool. Due to the importance placed on light intake in this project, a void is chiselled on the wall supporting the stairs towards the bar area, through which a shaft of light pierces the space. Whilst the public spaces are on the ground floor, the private areas comprising three bedrooms - one for each child, fitted out to the personal taste and preferred colours of each – occupy the level above.  
"woode panelled wall Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"
"kitchen Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"
"transition space Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"
"interesting use of wood Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"

Profuse use of wood characterises the warmth in the home. Wooden panels that camouflage utility doors; custom-made concertina-like wooden panels, wooden floors and wooden ceiling finishes homogenously rub shoulders with beige stone-slab veneers, stone tops, and Italian arabescato marble. The use of walnut joinery and natural stone is complemented by upholstery in warm shades, as ring-shaped pendant lamps and bright coloured floor rugs add to the contemporary ambience. Furnishings, light fittings and art selection are personalised according to each space and, where applicable, each user.
"facade and swimming pool Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"

The main facade is also redesigned with different volumes integrated through lines, which continue from one volume to the other. The integration of squared arches, large openings and feature panels create a bold connection between the old and new, including the garden boasting a large eating area by an open grill with a fire pit and the swimming pool.
"master bedroom Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"
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"master suite Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"
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"bedrooms Arqmov Workshop indiaartndesign"
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Fact File
Architectural Design: Arquitectura en movimiento Workshop
Built Area:  950 sq. m.
Location: TorreĆ³n Coahuila, Mexico

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