Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The cinematic experience!

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: Jiangnan Photography & Ajax Law; courtesy the architects
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"wuhan wushang cinema one plus partnership indiaartndesign"

The recently completed expansion of the 9/F Wuhan cinema with five auditoriums diligently follows a powerful theme to entice audiences.

The extension of the Wuhan Wushang Mall International Cinema is yet another dimension to the already surreal and dramatic design concept of the existing cinema by award-winning Hong Kong-based design firm, One Plus Partnership.
"foyer wuhan wushang cinema one plus partnership indiaartndesign"

The bygone era of piling film reels stored in flat round metal boxes, signifying the classics that we have enjoyed through the years, come to life in an abstract and contemporary milieu at the cinema hall. Instantaneously attention-grabbing, huge round plates of 2.8m-diameter are linked together, portraying film reel boxes and form a ubiquitous feature throughout the cinema hall.
"ceiling feature wuhan wushang cinema one plus partnership indiaartndesign"

Enormous installations of round plates all along the ceiling, closely spaced at various heights and arranged to overlap each other elicit an expression of awe in the visitor. The plates descend to the ground to subtly segregate the ticket counter; projecting an ambience that is constantly in motion. The overlapping discs continue over the seating area, where audiences can relax before the movie.
"lounge area wuhan wushang cinema one plus partnership indiaartndesign"

The furniture adds to the design by reflecting the fluidity of the theme. The stone counter in the concession area, the movable tables and stools in the lounge area as well as the separators and washbasins in the bathroom… all have smooth edges and circular forms, echoing the singular thematic.

"film reel thematic wuhan wushang cinema one plus partnership indiaartndesign"

Colour scheme and lighting create an illusion of constant movement in the space. The aluminum discs painted with wood patterns add texture, while keeping with the earthy tones of the cinema hall. They add a sense of dynamism over the brown stone strips of the flooring in the lobby, creating shades and shadows, while the dark green sofas render the seating area with elegance and calm. The auditorium upholstery follows the colour scheme of green and brown, and the simple lines of the ceiling feature ensure consistency.

The auditoriums exhibit a unique character, while extending the theme. Here, the film reel boxes take the form of small brown discs made from absorbing panels, which seem to fly towards the audience from the walls as well as the ceiling, creating a sense of drama and excitement.
"auditorium wuhan wushang cinema one plus partnership indiaartndesign"

Wuhan Wushang International Cinema, with its dramatic flair to reignite and considerably aver to yesteryear’s cinematic aura, creates an impactful and modernistic movie-viewing environment seeped in metaphoric sepia tones!

Fact File:
Client: Wuhan Wushang Mall Cinema (Pixel Box Cinema)
Theme: Film Reel Boxes
Design Firm: One Plus Partnership, Hongkong
Design Principals: Ajax Law and Virginia Lung
Size: 2,660 sq. m
Location: Wuhan, China

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