Friday, December 22, 2017

A symphony of materials

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: Courtesy Ganna Design
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"residential interior project Ganna design indiaartndesign"

The MK Home by Ganna Design, Taiwan is a recent addition to the studio’s profile and offers its residents an abode abundant with charm.

Versatile materials and finishes combined create the most fitting spaces in this home, where one can let go of their daytime exhaustion and uplift their spirits. 

"living room Ganna design indiaartndesign"

The rectangular plan of the house dictates a linear flow of spaces, from large and spacious public areas comprising the living, dining and study to more modest and comfortable private bed spaces. A celebrated living space perfect to entertain or relax with family makes way for cosy bedrooms, each space replete with natural sunlight and charming views through large floor-to-ceiling windows. 

"dining room Ganna design indiaartndesign"
"linear wall Ganna design indiaartndesign"

A symphony of varied materials greets one throughout the house. A wall composed of perforated plates encased in white frames and adorning a linear arrangement of titanium-coated handles connects the public spaces, offering picturesque frames. The study behind clear glass and perforated sheet doors is well composed with wooden furniture, giving it a heavy yet elegant appearance; while the backdrop of creamy white walls becomes a stage for the play of light and shadow. 

"study area interior Ganna design indiaartndesign"
"study area Ganna design indiaartndesign"

While the language of crisp lines and subtle colours continues in the bedrooms, a contrasting, though appropriate material palette takes over, as smooth curves, upholstery patterns on walls and minimal furniture add a touch of softness. 

"overview living room Ganna design indiaartndesign"
"TV wall Ganna design indiaartndesign"

A striking balance of delicate subtlety and substantial mass is achieved in the spaces, the furniture exhibiting a dual character alongside. A heavy marble dining platform continues into the TV wall, tables stand on contrasting voluminous wood and sleek titanium coated metal legs, while plush seating is balanced by intricate lamps and art pieces.

"curvilinear wall Ganna design indiaartndesign"
"bedroom Ganna design indiaartndesign"
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MK home becomes a centrestage for artistic creativity and yet a comfortable and luxurious abode for the residents. 

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