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‘Mazza’ with Mezza!

By Students & Faculty of MIT, Pune
Photography: Courtesy MIT, Pune & BIS Publishers
Read Time: 2 mins 30 secs
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Played Shithead?! Well, here’s a new version – the Mezza Card game – that will keep you glued for more as the thrill builds up and enthusiasm is renewed afresh!

An elongated compact box, easy to carry around with graphics in soothing colours hints at a well-packaged game for adults. With some unique cards in a colourful design and new exciting rules, it aims at getting you to play your cards strategically, think fast, think ahead and become the first to get rid of your cards. In this game one card is key: the ½. It is the lowest card in the game, but it can suddenly become the highest. 

At MIT, Pune, the Mezza Card game has been played several times with different user groups: the faculty, a family involving a 12-year-old, and design learners. 

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A group of design learners under the guidance of Asso. Prof. Amit Deshmukh, who conducts a course on board game design set out to play and assess the game based on the following parameters: Understanding rules and instructions; size and ergonomics; graphics; game play; twists and turns in game play; strategy; duration of play and play value. 

Over to them:

While unboxing the game, looking at the visual appeal of the graphics in soothing colours, the first impression was that the game will have calculations and mental maths. This did not seem appealing to all the eager players who had gathered around, excited to begin the game play. As we progressed, we realised that possibly a logo at the back of each card would have added to the visual make-up. Idling thoughts also veered towards the size of each card – rather large, and stiff to handle; also, in situations, where one picks up lots of cards, it becomes difficult to manage the cards in hand. Quite un-ergonomic for a 12-year-old to hold too. 

Moving to the instructions, we found the rules a little confusing at first, although we kept getting these ‘ahs’ and ‘oohs’ of comprehension as we played along. Since the rules were rather lengthy because of the extent of text involved, we preferred referencing the ‘reference rule card’ that came in handy during the game play. However, we decided to eliminate the rule of playing ½ cards before the next player as it seemed to be complicating the game. 

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The game recommends two versions: long and short. We abided by the long as we realised that the ‘4’ & ‘7’ cards brought in an interesting twist to the game. The downward facing cards were also based on luck, which could alter the game-play completely, keeping us on tenterhooks as the game progressed, with never a dull moment. The best thing about it is that one cannot predict the winner as the game can turn around anytime!

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Playing small cards first is a strategy; but doesn’t work every time or when you get a 4. Another ruse is to make somebody else pick up the pile. But of course, one needs to keep track of the numbers that others pick. Strategic moves include playing ‘7’ towards the close of the game to target the next player and saving the ‘0’ and ‘wild cards’.

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With the game play happening at a few pertinent stages, when the pick-up is exhausted or when the downward facing cards are played, the average 20-30-minute playtime is extremely addictive. It certainly brings something new to the table. 
Game reviewed by:
Associate Prof. Amit Deshmukh| MIT Pune| India
Student group 1:
Riddhi Runwal
Atharva Kelkar
Kartik Kale
Mahek Talaviya
Tanvi Palkar

Student group 2: (three players were repeated)
Atharva Kelkar
Priyanshi Jain
V Varruna  
Rukma Gadakh
Samyaka Shah
Tanvi Palkar

Mrs. Jayawant 
Mrs. Deshmukh and her daughter (12-yrs-old)
Mrs. Potnis and her son (22-yrs-old)
Mrs. Vaidya

"mezza card game BIS publishers indiaartndesign"

Author: Thomas Michaël
Publishers: BIS Publishers
Package: 68 cards in a box
Size: 22.5 x 8 x 4 cm
Price: €15.00
Launched: November 2017

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