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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Elevating the Mundane

By Savitha Hira
Photography: Courtesy the Architects
dentist clinic by pedra silva architects

A single element of design, thoughtfully engineered, becomes the high point of connectivity on diverse platforms in this dentist’s clinic...

Picture this: a spacious area located in a hi-end, buzzing retail district in Sydney, was to be designed into a state-of-the-art dental clinic! Well, here’s the catch – it had to have two separate entrances with receptions, without compromising on the spatial factor or their relationship with the passersby; and, there was an eye-sore cannot-do-away-with structural column right in the middle of this proposed ensemble!
two distinct entrances and reception lounges

For Pedra Silva Architects, who were to design this fit-out, “the aesthetic is always a clear response to problem solving”; consequently, by deploying the camouflage principle, they turned the structural column into the highlight of the project.

creating depth
playing with shadows

So, Care Dentistry holds two unimpeded welcoming spaces with comfortable waiting lounges – one for general dentistry and the other for dental implant practice; beautifully segregated by a partially see-through fluid sculptural wooden element that serves as an eye-catching interior element intriguing the passersby; and a filter between the two areas. 

undulating fluid wooden design element

Built from suspended wooden planks that start with narrow elements widening to engulf the existing column, this pseudo-ambulating partition is not only the predominant functional element that works as a space generator; but also succeeds in influencing the rest of the interiors.
dentist clinic
Special room with viewing glass for observation

Arranged around a central corridor that houses a transparent central glass core ushering in ample natural light, are the essentials - from examination areas, surgeries, client areas to technical spaces. A technical highlight pleasantly surprises in the form of a highly advanced ‘main surgery’ area that hosts complex dental surgeries and is equipped to share them live via an observation room, situated at a higher level.

The design - simple yet exceptional - admirably packages the technical excellence of the project!

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