Monday, September 14, 2015

Of minimalist design and high functionality

By Neehar Mishra
Photography: Courtesy the architect

scenic view of exteriors and swimming pool

In times when sustainability is fast becoming a stronghold in the world of architecture, this minimalist yet stunning residential project by Bangkok-based architectural firm J T A & Co. Ltd., imbues the concept with both functionality and aesthetic value. 

Strategically located in a housing estate in the Samut Prakarn Province of Thailand, Thiapairat Residence is sprawled across 1,492 sq. m of land and is nothing short of a retreat, with a surrounding garden, a stunning view of the nearby lake and a prime location that affords it complete privacy.

scenic view of exteriors with garden and swimming pool

The stark-white box-like facade of the two-storey residence makes the most of the open space surrounding it, with each of the rooms having external access, adjoining balconies and parallel glass panes that ensure cross ventilation and abundant sunlight.

living room

To achieve maximum natural cooling and reduce reliance on central heating or air conditioning, a double wall with an air gap in the middle is erected on the left and right sides of the exterior, while the ceiling comprises two-inch-thick extruded polystyrene insulation foam and three-inch-thick fibreglass to keep heat gain to a minimum. Also in keeping with the sustainability aspect is the use of solar collector panels that provide hot water for the whole house. Incidentally, the autoclaved aerated concrete blocks used for both internal and external walls are quick and easy to install, and have highly thermal insulation and fire resistance.

L-shaped building flanking the swimming pool
dialogue between water and built form

As you make your way around the property, you see how water becomes the mainstay of the project, with a pool that not only affords a picturesque view of the lake but also cools the wind flowing over its surface to provide a pleasant environment to the home.   

garden and lake view
wooden staircase

Designed keeping lighting, ventilation and privacy in mind, the Thiapairat Residence is the perfect haven for the family of seven it is designed for - a couple with four children and their grandmother. While the design allows the members to have their privacy, the spacious interiors fit right in with the needs of the joint family, allowing them to interact with ease; at the same time have their personal space.

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