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Monday, January 11, 2016

Celeb Chef Jamie’s Eateries: Localizing Italian Experiences

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Courtesy the architect

Jamie Oliver's restaurants in Sao Paulo and Stockholm

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s restaurants in Stockholm and Sao Paulo are vibrant spaces designed using local materials; and serve lip-smacking cuisine amidst the theatrics of an open kitchen.

Statement lighting, bold colours and open kitchens dominate the designs of both the Jamie Oliver restaurants in Stockholm and Sao Paulo. While both locations differ vastly in terms of their weather and local material palettes, the ambience is a constant, enabling diners to enjoy the Italian food whilst soaking in the local culture.

booth style seating
Tuscan wall tiles

A warm red heart invites diners into the restaurant located in the cold city of Stockholm. The centrally located service block filters in the views of the street and some amount of natural lighting. This core is lit by mood lighting and clad with red Tuscan tiles that add to the modern yet cosy interior. A simple yet striking blue-and-white striped awning matches the bright blue chairs that add spunk to the more formal seating areas.

formal seating
Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Sao Paulo

While the Stockholm bar is designed to attract customers’ attention indoors, the Sao Paulo eatery draws the eyes outdoors through double-height glazing. Local materials and furniture romance the Italian theme resulting in a South American- European hybrid. The option of Alfresco and indoor seating avers to the consideration of local climate and context in the design.

double-height space in Jamie Oliver's restaurant at Sao Paulo

open kitchen concept in Jamie Oliver's restaurant at Stockholm
service counter in restuarant
raw exposed ceiling

Both these spaces are intrinsically designed around the basic model of an open kitchen with assorted formal, informal and booth style seating. Focusing on the usage of materials in both spaces, the flooring and cladding systems play simple in order to highlight the dynamic furniture and wall panels.  The team at Stiff + Trevillion successfully blend Italy with the Scandinavian and Brazilian cultures at the two locations. 

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