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Saturday, January 2, 2016

GinYuu: Restaurant-cocktail bar-cross over

Complied by Leah Linhares
Photography:  Zooey Braun; courtesy the architects

cocktail bar cum lounge cum restaurant - GinYuu

Ippolito Fleitz Group introduces a cocktail-flavoured lounge experience in their pan-Asian restaurant at Stuttgart’s Milaneo shopping mall…

Conceptualized by successful restaurateur and cofounder of restaurant chain Vapiano: Kent Hahne, GinYuu is the new gastronomic departure, offering a pan-Asian Pacific kitchen combined with a lounge concept and cocktail menu.

wood in its various colours and textures

Resembling Vapiano, GinYuu employs elements like front cooking and chip payment; however, it creates a distinctively charged spatial situation inviting visitors to dive into the world of leisure, leaving the shopping mall environment behind them.

lanterns create mood lighting

The architects carve out the interiors with a relaxed ambience: round tables, bar stools and seating along a lengthy deep-cushioned sofa, offering a distinguished choice of mood and ambience. And for those, who prefer a private meal, there are cubicles separated by tall wooden filters.

round tables along long sofa

The spatial topography of GinYuu centres around the core areas of reception desk, bar and kitchen counter; each area anointed by its distinctive signature element. Like the reception desk is positioned beneath a suspended canopy of lamps; the open kitchen complete with front cooking stations extends along the long wall highlighting the corporate colours.

hand-painted column
canopy of lights

It is an interestingly culled all-wood palette, where handmade wooden panels of driftwood cover the walls; oak floorboards on the floor and counter front provide a keynote; violet bar-stools, dark stained roughly-sawn table-tops and bleached ceiling shutters provide accents of colour.

private booths
privacy in restaurant

Pan-Asian motifs include a free arrangement of shutter struts and tall metal filters, taut ropes stretched against wooden walls in the cubicles and large ceiling fans. Pillars covered in white tiles from floor-to-ceiling are visualized and hand-rendered by Stuttgart-based illustrator Claudia Wagner, who draws directly onto the tiles.


The GinYuu world is all about a relaxed atmosphere brought about by the use of different types, colours and surfaces of wood – a beautiful juxtaposition of hard and soft lines, which brings the crossover of cocktail bar and restaurant chain to life.

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  1. The pics of your restaurant looks amazing thanks for sharing.


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