Friday, December 9, 2016

Integrated creativity

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"zazz boutique Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Maxyme Gagné

Multidisciplinary creative firm, Hatem+D endorse the importance of a holistic design experience in their comprehensive conceptualisation of Quebec’s first Zazz boutique...

Hatem+D have gone all out to reinstate their strong belief in the art of all-inclusive design, where they touch upon various aspects of design in a holistic manner in order to impact and elicit the right customer response.
"floor graphics zazz Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Maxyme Gagné

Working with Zazz for their very first boutique in Quebec, Canada, the design firm was keen that they create a customer experience in which paths lead them through stations displaying different product arrays.

"staircase zazz Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Maxyme Gagné
"Interiors zazz Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Maxyme Gagné

The general concept is built around the linearity of hair. This vectorial concept is reinforced by custom-made chain curtains that divide different sections of products, thereby creating a distinctive feature. These curtains are also used on the mezzanine to privatise an area reserved for hair and wig stylists. Every element is custom built, from furniture to Zazz's lighting and other unique signage for the boutique.
"display and store zazz Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Maxyme Gagné

Every detail is also analyzed: the white, the iridescence, the transparency, the linearity. Shapes, colours and textures are used to emphasise on products and focal design points like the front desk and the stairwell.

"Floor to ceiling units zazz Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Maxyme Gagné
"ceiling of suspended chains zazz Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Maxyme Gagné

Using the ceiling height to purify the space, Ar. Chloé Barabé introduces suspended and backlit furniture, displays that reach the ceiling, a creative ceiling finish, and several mirrors to accentuate the volume. Add to this ingenious lighting that augments an impression of effervescence and the boutique appears glamorous and inviting from the outside.

"Branding zazz Hatem+D indiaartndesign"
© Hatem + D

Conceptualising and designing in toto, the seemingly feminine synergy of the boutique comes across with a strong identity; reinstating the architect’s prowess in an all-inclusive design.

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