Thursday, November 2, 2017

Minimalist, sculptural…

By Annie Aggarwal
Photography: Fernando Guerra | Ultimas Reportagens FG+SG Photography; courtesy the architect            
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"guest pavilion in garden fran silvestre indiaartndesign"

A minimal architectural intervention in a garden, by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos materializes as a 70 sq. m. guest pavilion, an extension to a residential project by the studio in Valencia, Spain. 

The pavilion, set amidst a centenary olive tree, a deciduous liquidambar sieving sunlight depending on the seasons and a pomegranate tree all standing tall, seamlessly links with the garden. Located approaching one of the limits of the land, perpendicular to the pool, the built piece has minimal impact on the garden, offering unrestricted views to the main house, save a slim opaque façade, almost an art piece in the garden. 

"guest pavilion fran silvestre indiaartndesign"

The ground floor of the structure is set slightly below ground, making the single-storeyed structure appear exactly in line with the garden, while giving it a sculptural quality. Stark white facades composed of thin, clean lines and frames preserve its contemporary and geometric feel. A passageway between the compound wall and the pavilion becomes a natural oasis amid the landscaped setting offering visitors an informal courtyard space, a link between the active pool area and solitude within the pavilion.
"interiors guest pavilion fran silvestre indiaartndesign"
"house ends guest pavilion fran silvestre indiaartndesign"

The bedroom and living space along with a kitchen, and bathrooms serving the pavilion and the pool offer comfortable spaces to experience living in a garden. The spaces can open up more discreetly towards the courtyard or completely open up to the domesticated nature of a consolidated garden by means of a darkening system to control its operation. The piece allows for privacy, as well as an easy transition between the interior and exterior through sliding glass doors; the stark contemporary and minimal interiors in white and grey decorated with natural views.
"poolside guest pavilion fran silvestre indiaartndesign"
"massing guest pavilion fran silvestre indiaartndesign"

The human-scaled guest pavilion becomes part of its natural setting, while offering comfortable experiential living to its inhabitants. 

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