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Thursday, November 23, 2017

World's Best Interior of the year 2017

Compiled by TeamIAnD
Photography: INSIDE World Festival of Interiors; courtesy v2com
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"Fabricwood xtra produce workshop indiaartndesign"

Fabricwood an installation for premium designer furniture store Xtra in Singapore on behalf of Herman Miller, designed by Produce.Workshop has been named World Interior of the Year at INSIDE World Festival of Interiors 2017.

Fabricwood is a 20m by 7m sail made of lightweight plywood, which stretches across the space like a terse fabric. Propped up by a series of arches that frame the entrances and connect the store to the street and the adjacent café, the structure guides the customer from the 3m entrance to an 8m glass curtain at the end.
"fabricwood xtra stretched canvas produce workshop indiaartndesign"
"Fabricwood xtra singapore store produce workshop indiaartndesign"

A traditional tailoring technique called ‘darting’ was used to shape the plywood.  A continuous iteration and loop between computation and physical modelling served to calibrate the darts and their respective angles on a flat piece of plywood which helped to determine its eventual curvature when closed. Circular cut-outs were used at the converging point of the darts to allow the plywood to bend and avoid tears. When assembled, the structure formed a naturally undulating surface much like ruched fabric.  
"Fabricwood installation herman miller xtra produce workshop indiaartndesign"

The inspiration for the design came from a clear understanding of the brand; Herman Miller’s core products and the philosophy, culture and aspirations of the company.  Learning from the design processes of the work chairs, which combine formal, structural and material innovation based on ergonomic research to create a surface that moulds comfortably to the human body, Produce.Workshop sought to develop a ‘skin’ for the Herman Miller store that was ‘moulded’ to its host – Xtra. The structure was made to resemble a bazaar, where simple tent canopies are pulled across the street to create a makeshift marketplace with an approachable and casual atmosphere.
"xtra singapore produce workshop indiaartndesign"

The INSIDE World Interior of the Year award was judged by INSIDE festival’s 2017 super-jurors – Marie Hesseldahl (Partner, 3XN), Eisuke Tachikawa (Principal, Nosigner) and Murat Tabanlıoğlu (Principal, Tabanlıoğlu Architects). They said the design was “a fresh approach to a project. It was about the process rather than the end product that led to a unique and new solution.” The jury applauded the fact that the engineering of the structure led to the architecture, and that the “process created an invention”.

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