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Can design assist in value-based education?

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"TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"

After open and collaborative workspace culture, education now follows a flexible and personalised methodology…

The University of Nottingham has just added a Teaching and Learning Building (TLB) to its award-winning, nationally recognised University Park campus. The USP of the building is in the make-up of its interior spaces that deliberately blur the boundaries between study, socialising and work. 
"double height learning hub TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"
"learning hub mezzanine TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"
"reconfigurable partitions TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"
"outside views TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"
"traditional lecture theatre TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"

Capable of accommodating up to 2,500 students at any time, the building includes a broad range of teaching and learning environments from a double-height learning hub with a mezzanine for quieter, informal learning and peer mentoring, as well as drop-in desks, shared tables and private study rooms, to reconfigurable teaching rooms, a lecture hall with raked seating and small group discussion rooms. It also has a performing arts space and several social learning and breakout areas with views out across the campus.

"column free interactive spaces TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"
"light filled spaces TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"

Designed following a participative approach involving academicians and students to ensure it would meet the needs of the users, it has a flexible framework with column-free floorplates that can be reconfigured by adding or removing internal partitions; generous breakout areas with multiple functions; and movable furniture that lets students and teachers define their own interactive spaces.

"cantilevered structure TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"

Connectivity is a key focus of the design, both internally and campus-wide as entrances are located to pick up on key pedestrian routes to maximise permeability and provide accessibility from 360 degrees. A clear, simple massing and layout ensures that the adjacent buildings and trees are not compromised. Internally, the routes converge on a central light-filled atrium space—a space for socialising, learning and meeting. The more informal learning and social spaces are located around the perimeter of the building and are designed to promote well-being by offering views of the campus landscape and mature trees. 

"exposed structure and cross laminated timber TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"
"light filled atrium and stairs TLB nottingham university indiaartndesign"

Sustainable measures are adopted, and materials are chosen for their longevity and simplicity. Externally, the building’s upper level is clad in architectural terracotta with a robust base/plinth of architectural masonry. Blurring the distinction between inside and outside, these materials continue within and are complemented by a steel frame. Exposed concrete lends a simple distinctive appearance, with exposed cross-laminated timber adding tactile warmth.

The building plays a large part in personalising students' learning experiences, providing a range of tech-enriched spaces to enable students to become more active partners in their own education.

Fact File:
Client: University of Nottingham
Architect: Make
BREEAM rating: ‘Excellent’
Area: 6200 sq. m.
Location: Nottingham, UK

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