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What to watch out for at the London Design Fair 2019!

Compiled by Team IAnD
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"London Design Fair 2019 Adorno Crossovers Farg and Blanche indiaartndesign"
Crossovers: Farg & Blanche 

This September 2019, the London Design Fair promises to blur cultural boundaries with an inspirational, hand-picked line-up of superlative contemporary design…

Come September and design enthusiasts across the globe jet set to London for the Mecca of Design that the city transforms into. Apart from the London Design Festival, the Fair is the other highly creative exposition of original, innovative and aesthetic design.  

Here is an update on the ‘big five’ that one can watch out for at the Fair:

"London Design Fair 2019 Adorno Crossovers Farg and Blanche indiaartndesign"
Crossovers: Farg & Blanche

Crossovers: International design collaboration Adorno will present Crossovers, a showcase of dynamic works selected by ten curators from ten countries, in what is billed as ‘a cross-cultural collectible design journey’. It celebrates those global designers and communities around the world fighting to keep local design and craft alive. 

"London Design 2019 Fair Irthi Crafts Ifo Electronic indiaartndesign"
Ifo Electronic                                                                                                                                                                      Irthi Crafts 

British Craft Pavilion is now International Craft Pavilion:  Established just three years ago, the British Craft Pavilion has become the must-see exhibit for high-end craft during the London Design Festival.  Renamed as the International Craft Pavilion in 2019, it responds to a call for the greater global representation of craft.

"London Design Fair 2019 The Bathroom Gallery Laufen indiaartndesign"
The Bathroom Gallery - Laufen

The Bathroom Gallery: An entirely new element of this year’s Fair, this bespoke exhibition will spotlight some of the world’s foremost bathroom brands.

"London Design Fair-2019 Hattern indiaartndesign"
"London Design Fair 2019 FLOOR STORY and Sebastian Wrong indiaartndesign"

The Brand Wagon: This year’s exceptional list of talented brands, both well-known and recently discovered includes: 
  • FLOOR_STORY - maker of unique and ethically manufactured hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs; 
  • Finnish design brand Made by Choice will present Kolho, a series of tables and chairs that subtly replicates the surface of the moon in collaboration with leading surface solutions brand Formica. 
  • Exploring colour tones and material combinations, Seoul-based design studio Hattern will be showcasing new products crafted from experimenting with a terrazzo-like material made using a combination of concrete and acrylic. 
  • Taiwanese brand ANTOU will offer smart and sustainable office solutions that are imaginative, playful and long-lasting; and 
  • Polish design studio will showcase beautiful and functional furniture pieces and accessories that accompany people throughout their day, impacting our well-being, shaping how we perceive the world around us. 

"London Design-Fair 2019 Uruquay studio claro indiaartndesign"
Uruguay - Studio Claro
"London Design-Fair 2019 Huguet indiaartndesign"
"London Design-Fair 2019 Budapest selects moni kovacs indiaartndesign"
Budapest - Moni Kovacs

Country Pavilions:  London Design Fair’s country pavilions are one of the star attractions for many visitors in attendance. Confirmed country pavilions are Barcelona Design Centre, Made in Mallorca—Balearic Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Uruguay, Irthi

All-in-all, the Fair will, in yet another unique presentation, reinstate that design is universal, exciting and almost always being revitalised and reinvented. Whilst we acknowledge the roots of our inspirations, we also tend to realise that we are constantly in a flux, working at the intersection of design, art and craft - ever evolving and seeking novel ways of presenting our creations. 

Dates: 19–22 September 2019
Venue: Old Truman Brewery, Shoreditch, London E1 6QR

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