Saturday, March 12, 2016

Aesthetically bare minimum!

By Rutvi Ashar
Photography: Courtesy Note Design Studio
products from Note Design Studio
Note Design Studio collection for Fogia

Note Design Studio’s collection for Fogia consists of furniture and furnishings that have taken the bare minimum of an accessory and turned it into a beautifully crafted must-have!

Arch, Figurine, Kloster, Land and Rest by Note are the new products that were launched at the recent Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016; available at the Fogia store.  The leading brand of Swedish furniture best known for smart pieces made from scratch is also known to uphold a contemporary twist on classic materials.  This communicated with Note Design Studio has led the latter to design each product with a strong and addictive narrative. Elegance and beauty blend with a pragmatic approach, drawing the attention of every creative as well as non-creative person.

Arch bookshelf - Note Design Studio
Arch Bookshelves
Kloster range of blankets - Note Design Studio
Kloster range of blankets

While Arch is an elegant bookshelf with a practical strong point and noteworthy aesthetic arches; Figurine represents a classic wooden chair design that will be a part of every household very soon; Kloster is a range of blankets inspired from the natural colours off the Swedish west coast; Land is brought to life by angular stripes of different colours and sizes that blend to make a dynamic rug and Rest cushions create a pleasant atmosphere of pastel shades combined with neutral monochrome accents.
Figurine - the classic wooden chair
Figurine - the classic wooden chair
Land rug from Note Design Studio
Land rug
Rest cushions from Note Design Studio
Rest cushions

The essence of these products lies in the focus on their application; where stripping down to the bare minimum is what works in this case. Exploration of colour, fabric and wood has resulted in these strong individual pieces to possess a characteristic to combine and create a harmonious interior atmosphere.
Rest cushions from Note Design Studio
Rest cushions

The concept of the products is what defines Note; practicality is what accentuates the aesthetics in the products. Trends will come and go, some work while others fail; but the timeless twists on classics such as these tend to last for eternity...


  1. Richard C LambertMay 9, 2016 at 1:07 PM

    Their design style is more contemporary with everything feeling minimal and clean but making sure the space is cozy enough to feel inviting.

  2. This quality these merchandise lies in this concentrate on the app; where by draining because of this lowest is usually what exactly is effective however. Query connected with coloration, materials in addition to lumber possesses generated most of these sturdy specific portions to possess a quality to combine in addition to make a beneficial inner surface setting.


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